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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Placement Tips for Fish tanks in Feng Shui

There are many homes that have fish tanks placed in their living rooms. Many people also have custom made fish tanks for their living rooms and this has become a symbol of prestige in many homes. Let us consider the feng shui element of placing the fish tank in homes.
First and foremost avoid placing a fish tank in your bedroom. Even thought your career area or finance sector falls in your bedroom you must not put a tank or plant in your bedroom. This is considered as bad feng shui. In feng shui the fish symbolic of prosperity as they always have their eyes open, and this is symbolic of individuals seeing future hurdles and challenges and helps to overcome obstacle sin life. Hence in many homes when fish in the tank die they are considered to take away some of your bad luck.
Water is a very effective cure for the career area and this is considered wealth in feng shui. Hence a water tank having fish is the best cure for career problems in your life and used to get good job opportunities and rise in present positions.For people in business this is a very effective cure for increasing sales and getting good business deals. The entrance having fish tank is always considered auspicious in feng shui and attracts good luck and prosperity for the owner in any business.
The north sector of your home or office is the best to place a fish tank for prosperity and good business. One can also place a tank in the north west sector of your living room for increasing the energy of helpful friends in your life which in turn ill affect your business growth positively. Kitchen and bedroom are two important places in the house where you must never place a fish tank. The water element though very effective as career cures is not advisable fro these two rooms. 
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