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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feng Shui Cure for childless couples

When all health  issues are sorted out and the couple do not have any detectible abnormality then they can go in for feng shui cure to promote baby luck. .Many times these problems are effectively cured by using feng shui symbols and promoting positive chi to enter the home thus promoting fertility luck.
Many problems are associated with the man of the house. One has to see that the man of the house has his best place of sitting and rest. He is relaxed and comfortable when in the house. All this will positively affect the chances of the couple trying to have a baby. In feng shui the position of sleeping and placement of bed in the bedroom is very important for success in conceiving. Husband must sleep in such a position that the head points North West and his feet point the south east. A very effective cure is placement of fruits or fruit paintings. Fertility symbol of pair of pomegranates and open fruits are the best. A pair of orange trees or apple orchard is also symbolic of fertility. One  can also place fresh fruits in the bedroom to attract fertility energy and by hanging two red paper lanterns the symbol of pair and love is indicated. Elephant symbols for welcoming baby luck is also an important cure used since many ages in feng shui for curing fertility problems.
 Clear clutter first and then don’t touch under the bed as you will disturb the momentum of positive energy. So when the couple decide to follow feng shui principles for baby then this has to be done with mutual consent. Happiness and wishing together for this will help to heal this area of life for both. Survey your home and find out whether chi or positive energy is not blocked or in imbalance. Any clutter near the door or bedroom is bad feng shui and will affect the couple negatively.
Look out for misplaced furniture and blocked entry ways which is the most common problem with many childless couples. Feng shui is most about placement of furniture for health and prosperity benefits and this science is very effective to cure many aspects of individual’s life. Keep baby things and soft toys in your bedroom to enhance baby luck.
All the Best!  

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