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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rose Quartz Use in Feng Shui

Rose Quartz is a very beautiful stone used by many to balance the energy levels and protect heart from negativity. This stone is translucent or transparent and light pink in colour. Thought he uses of rose quartz are plenty it is mostly used as a cure for many problems in feng shui.
Placing a big rose quartz crystal stone in the home is considered to be very lucky and this stone emits positive energy in the whole environment. The stone itself is very beautiful and when you look at it for some time the person will feel relaxed and full of positivity. Mostly this stone is used to enhance love and marriage luck in the house. Relationship area of south west is also an important place to hang this crystal of rose quartz. This will heal all the relationships among family members as well as outside friends and relatives coming in contact with the individual.
For childless couples placing a rose quartz in the bedroom area will activate the baby luck. They can also wear rose quartz pendants in the neck or as ring in the finger or even a beaded bracelet of this stone is very effective in balancing the energy levels. One feng shui cure is also a feng shui tree of rose quartz that seems to activate the romance luck in the bedroom for couples trying to have a baby.
Rose quartz stone is also very effective for anxiety and depression patients and the wearer will feel love and be at peace will all around them. This is a sure cure for negative people who are almost on verge of fighting or irritable. For patients suffering from chronic headaches and chronic diseases rose quartz will help to stabilise their health and maintain the energy levels in balance.
It is necessary to take care of your rose quartz stone and clean it from time to time. a good feng shui practitioner will clear the stone and charge it with positive energy and then with the intent to the stone hand it to the wearer. Here the intentions are very important for getting best results from the rose quartz stone. Clean your stone regularly with salt water if you feel there is accumulation of too much negative energy in it.
One must buy rose quartz from a certified diamond merchant or seller for getting an authentic and genuine rose quartz. Genuine rose quartz is a special stone used by many feng shui practitioners and healers to heal many problems.
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  1. This site is the most informative feng shui tips and cures I have found on the internet. I have learned some things I did not know until I visited this website. Thank you for your contribution to feng shui and all the knowledge you have shared! KO

  2. Thank you Kim and hope I try my best to share all the knowledge that I have in feng shui and keep researching more on new feng shui cures to the world.
    A small step towards healing the earth and helping people without any expectations.

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  5. Thiền Kim Tự Tháp what a wonderful site for rose quartz stone pyramids and globes!Love this!

  6. Thiền Kim Tự Tháp Welcome to Feng Shui Simple Cures! All the Best from Rizwana!


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