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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Which Paintings of Birds are Not Good Feng Shui

With people displaying paintings in every home now a days feng shui consultants also refer to some paintings as cures for certain problems. Usually when people read about feng shui or surf the internet and get information about bird paintings. They go and select a painting and display it in their living room. If the painting is of landscape where two birds are fighting or going in opposite direction, what will the effect be?
There is no doubt that after few months as the effects are seen in bickering among the couple and family members having different opinions on each and every matter! Hence it is advisable to consult a good feng shui consultant and then use any painting as a cure. Paintings having dead bird are very bad feng shui as also paintings of vultures who are feeding on the dead. The person will be affected negatively and will lose vision of future. They may suffer mental problems and also become critical and irritable. Two birds going in opposite direction or group of birds going in different directions will be indicative of all family members going in different directions which is not good feng shui for the relationships if the family. If such a painting is hung in an office all the employees will be against the employer and they will have recurrent strikes and loss in business.
Paintings having a single bird in it, though look very serene and unique, are not considered good feng shui. Especially if the individual is trying to find a partner and get married they will not get into good relationships. For marriage and good proposals one must hang paintings of two birds looking at each other in the bedroom. This will activate the marriage luck and the individual will soon get the right partner of their choice.
Hence it would be wise to consult a good consultant before using bird paintings as a feng shui cure. These paintings are the easiest and effective cures for any relationships and if used in the right manner and place they are most effective as cures in feng shui.
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