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Friday, January 27, 2017

Chinese Rooster Year 2017 Use The Feng Shui Rooster Energy for your Benefit 6 Tips

Happy New Year, a New beautiful year has begun on January 27 , 2017, the Chinese New year, The Rooster Year! the rooster is one of the animals in Chinese Calendar that corresponds to a month. Those born in certain years, that of Rooster have to be careful of health and wealth this 2017. Rooster is the tenth in the cycle. 
Awakening, Alertness and Leadership, also fame. 
All the characteristics of the Rooster, learn them and utilize these for your benefits this New Year! It would be better to study carefully these traits and avoid certain steps if possible if you are superstitious and are in a position to avoid somethings.
Roosters are great hard workers, disciplined (remember the dawn calls!) and family loving.
Happiness Gallop

Rooster Bird and Mystic Knot 

Untitled Bird Luck 

Chocolaty Hearts 

Chocolaty Birds

Chinese Paper Lanterns

For people born in Rooster year browns and golden colours will bring luck. Lucky directions Southeast, west, north east.
Keeping in mind Rooster traits, What to do This Year-
1) Focussed work is required, you may tend to work hard in wrong directions, be clear save energy.
2) use your skill, learn new skills and evolve better.
3) Use some time for personal  development and care, as working very hard may drain off your personal chi. take acre of exercises and rest vacations from time to time to refresh yourself and your family. 
4) Independent , roosters, and they have their own way, so this in practical life , may be tricky behavior. Learn to be thoughtful.
5) The expenses and wealth issues may come up, this year, be careful with expenses and save money.
6) Activate the wealth and prosperity sectors carefully and utilize the luck.

My Favourite, Green, the colour of health,wealth and growth!  and I am really happy and Thankful for Pantone to choose this Awesum healing energy color, Change your decor with the healing color Green  and add some great feng shui energy this New Year and the mantra this 2017 is go natural!
Accessories, highlights,lights, artifacts and paintings all can be added with a modern contemporary touch of style and sparkle! Greenery!
Simple greens, colors, rustic styles, hand made products, all have great feng shui energy. Breaking away from the traditional, new designers are bringing  in more of hand made items for the elite audience! Go eco friendly Go Green!
Dont forget to wear Red today! 
Rizwana Mundewadi
Hope this helps! 

This 2017 bring in feng shui with hand made products and original art!

All the Best from Rizwana!
Have a Great New Year Ahead!
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