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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

7 Important Feng Shui Decor Mistakes with Pantone Colour of 2017 Greenery 3 Practical Feng shui Tips for using Pantone Colour Greenery in Zen Decor

Greenery, Pantone trends follow up in every aspect of not just home decor, but also in wardrobe, footwear, artefacts and architecture. So While Pantone has done a wonderful choice, go green , mantra, taking us more towards greenery, good health,wealth and Awesum Prosperity Luck Feng Shui energy , there are certain simple yet harmful effects that can change your life drastically to a downward arrow from the Feng Shui point of view.
Refreshing Blessings Greenery Pantone Colour 2017  razarts
5 serious Feng Shui effects from wrong Uses in decor with Greenery-
1) Green the colour of health and wealth in Feng Shui, according to the Feng Shui  Ba Gua loves East. There is a productive elements cycle and a destructive cycle. Placing green, example in north will absorb all the water energy luck and bring a unrequired moss growth, thus symbolizing tussles and difficulties in bringing in money. Choose water , colours of water, as dominating element in any decor and paintings.
2) Wealth and Opportunities, mentor luck, North west, here the dominating element is air and vast sky. Having too much green here will affect heaven luck thus bringing hindrances in getting along with people and colleagues. Choose metal , colours of metallic textured quality, as dominating element in any decor and paintings.
3) Very important love and relationships sector , which loves greenery. But in pairs! having single trees and paintings here affects marital luck and married life energy. Choose two of anything here, this is very important to give correct messages to the universe.
4) Choosing Greenery, Pantone colour of the Year 2017, as your upholstery , wardrobe selection and apparels. Green , a beautiful colour for activating heart chakra, symbolizing happiness and wealth luck, yet, may not be good for some people who need Earth energy and fire energy. Too much Green sometimes is too soothing and may dull the fire within to work and be active. If you are the quiet type, let go of this and use it sparingly.
5) Offices now will get a decor makeover, following trends of pantone colour Greenery, yes, great Feng Shui, colour of wealth. But it so happens that too much greenery will affect creative mind professionals, by dulling the energy. While the Feng Shui energy will be calmer there will be lack of much activity in such spaces with too much greenery. If your work place, profession requires high energy levels , use this judiciously only in highlights or as growing plants.
Pantone 2017 Greenery Art, Contemporary Aum razarts

Purple Fire Pantone Colour 2017 Greenery  decor razarts

Golden Symphony in nature Rizwana M

Tibetan mantra  Spiritual painting in Pantone 2017 Greenery Rizwana M
It is really important that you follow the trends but also consider the Feng Shui effects and energy of adding up greenery in your decor.
Sharing 3 important practical tips for Zen decor going with the trends as well as bringing an uplifting energy for your space.
1) If you are changing your office decor with dominating Greenery colour , try to go with some breaks in colours. A tangorine or a vermillon red highlights here and there in decor designs  will break the energy effects of too much greenery.
 2) You love Greenery! Choose a shade or hue that is more active in energy rather than the dull kale for office or break the colour combinations adding the corresponding colour according to the feng Shui Ba Gua.
3) If you already have Greenery and are finding the energy lack effects, use some feng shui art and colourful paintings. A great way to add up some motivational, vibrant colourful artworks and paintings.
Greenery , a beautiful colour , Pantone colour of the year 2017, represents growth, moving energy, uplifting, healing , healing heart chakra, and most of all in Feng Shui green represents wealth , cash, money.
Use the colour judiciously and attract an abundance of  health, wealth,  and prosperity!
Thank you and Have a Great 2017!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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