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Monday, January 23, 2017

Feng shui Energy Duvet Covers Symbolism 2 Important Feng Shui Mistakes and 2 Tips for Choosing Duvet Covers with Feng Shui

Duvet covers are amazingly beautiful with the rage of print industry, arty and original paintings printed duvet covers with amazingly beautiful art printed designs add up a lot of beauty to our bedroom decor. Duvet covers are today not just for covering the bed, where any design and patterns would do. Today with contemporary and vibrant  designer duvet covers we have a lot of choice to go with not only our love for colors and patterns but also choose the best healing energy feng shui duvet covers.

Pink Happiness

2 Gold Fishes of Goodluck

You can add up some beautiful feng shui energy duvet covers and improve the feng shui of your bedroom. Inviting positive happy energy and healthy relationships , to attract good harmonious marital relationship,choose your duvet covers carefully!
Symbolism of Duvet covers is hardly noticed and they do cover the beds but also affect the thoughts and energy of the people using, who sleep over these. regular exposure to these images and colors can affect your mind, health and happiness. Duvet covers are used for many months and daily exposure to the colurs, image sand subjects influence the thoughts of users and also other members, inmates of the  family.
Colourful Swirl of  Goodluck
Happy Chakras
Two really important mistakes that people do when choosing to buy modern art printed duvet covers-
1) Mistake 1! They buy original art printed modern abstract paintings according to colour of their bedroom decor. printed duvet covers. However vibrant these duvet covers designs look they create an abstract , not clear energy. Colours and images of confusion may affect brain and thoughts and , even if you love the colours they will not work for you in any special way, just that they are used to cover the bed mattresses!
Some paintings even have a lot of negative emotions or be emotionless expressed and also may have angry , violent, depressing subjects, greed, anger, rage, competition, all can be expressed with colors , and such art printed duvet covers affect your thought processes.
Dull plain color duvet covers,  bring down the energy and make the bedroom depressing. Yes soothing colors are good for small areas but for a kind sized double bed duvet covers it covers the larger portion of your bedroom area and may repel people from entering the room.
White is another duvet cover colour which people choose which has Yang energy and , we know from feng shui point of view Yin, passive, energy colours are required for a good nights sleep. Original Healing art Printed duvet covers with symbolic of love and happiness are great energy boosters!
2) Mistake 2! Images and Subjects of art prints on duvet covers you buy are very important. Paintings with spiritual subjects of saints and healers are not good for bedroom couples who wish to begin a family as unconsciously on viewing every day they repel users to avoid any relationships of consummation.
People love flowers, so they choose a single large rose! not such good feng shui for marital luck and relationships. And yes also three roses art printed duvet covers are not good for bedroom feng shui.
Inspirational messages are good for your walls and even if you love to read choose some that bring in healing, and love energy and not the messages that fire up your creative brain and lead focus to your job and work! Many relationships suffer due to images that are added in bedrooms and the other spouse feels left out, lonely and less thought off.
Simply choose duvet covers keeping in mind the feng shui symbolism and energy they give out.
Amazing Feng Shui Luck 
Showering Blessings
2 Tips for choosing and buying art printed duvet covers-
1) Tip 1! Go with colours that represent love and happiness. You can choose any art printed duvet covers, that bring out happy emotions from you and your spouse or partner. Choose clear colours rather than muddy, and choose focused images rather than abstracts.
2) Tip 2! Feng Shui for bedrooms, Think in Pairs! always! so whatever subjects your choose for art printed duvet covers remember the main  energy from the visual image must be of couple, love, happiness, and soothing yet refreshing for your mind , body and soul. There are so many art printed duvet covers with loving pair of flowers, pair of cozy birds and pair of fishes swimming, the most auspicious Tibetan Buddhism symbol of marital happiness luck. two gold fishes swimming happily represents the energy for the couple to live with ease in their relationships and also face the world with togetherness and it is also symbol of goodluck and wealth coming your way!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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