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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Feng Shuii Lucky colour for Aquarius Sign Surfing found Online Astrology Calculator for Birth sign

Online Birth sign finder, Astrological signs, birth stone finder, zodiac sign calculator, lucky personality number calculator, luck colour finder, yes, it is available online,chanced upon while surfing the web on Google search,  and WOW! so easy!
Simply Chakras Collage in Minimalist Modern Bedroom
Lucky colour for Aquarians! Blue! of course, Violet, this year being the Dog year, 2018, the loyal animal , a life long friend is great for bonding and connecting with new friendships.
The energy of your birth sign indicates which colour will be lucky for you. Studying the deep symbolism behind birth signs and how these have an effect on your destiny, like Shani, sun, moon energy, water energy etc.
Aquarius sign benefits by violet and blue colours. Red also favors the sign.Planet Uranus, turquoise colour is also beneficial. Element is air and the birth stone is Amethyst. Saturday is good.
The Libras of Green Blue and white!
The Geminis of Green, emerald green!white grey.
Virgo with cyan blue
Leos of boldness white and gold
Tauraus vermilion red
Aries lemon green Emerald green
Cancerian light blue turquoise carmine red, sea green
Then you also get to find out by these online calculators which birth zodiac sign people are compatible with your sign. Interesting! Thank you Google ! Google Search! These are good for guidance but use with your own knowledge and follow with care, of course relationships need to be worked and though feng shuii has a strong influence on your life, it is also upto you to work out your life.
Red Yellow Green Purple this year are very auspicious, use them! All are auspicious feng shuii colours for prosperity and success. If you are surrounded by beautiful colours from nature, you are lucky, if not do make  an effort to add some colours, you will see drastic changes in your life. Me too, I was such a Prussian Blue Navy Blue and Black lover, but as I added colours in my art my life changed, so also my wardrobe changed and my colorful flowers from my garden, all have had an influence in the feng shuii of my life.
Surround yourself with colours, try to add all colours, you will activate your life feng shuii! 100% clear, pure life feng shuii!
Like, share , comment about your experiences with using feng shuii cures. and yes, if you have any doubts, do write in comments section!
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