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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Outside your Door 100% Life Feng Shuii 3 energy leaks and 3 Simple Tips to Welcome life feng shuii

Main Door feng shuii is very important as your door is the mouth of the house. Feng Shuii Masters laid utmost importance on main door feng shuii and entrance energy flowing in. Seen that the house and main door feng shuii is thought off and no consideration is given to the space ahead of that. Why? of course the entry way is very important. The area surrounding the outside of your main door, think about this!
Outside my Door Pots of Goodluck
While people add idols, frames of Gods, religious symbols, above main doors have you considered the outside of your main door.
Some energy leaks-
1) The most important energy leak comes from scattered footwear- very sad to notice that even after so many reminders people continue to scatter footwear outside their main door. The shoes accumulate dust and negative energy of the day and it spreads everywhere, and also enters the main door along with positive chi, neutralizing this and diluting this positivity.   
2) Broken , old furniture and junk materials stocked as pile outside main door. Ok, this one we all have seen, a familiar sight in so many homes, people clean their house of junk and then stack it outside their main door! This is so bad, that kidney disease have been linked to junk stored outside main door from healing energy point of view.
3) Uneven ,broken tiles pathway. So you have spent a lot and made  pathway, the tiles have cracked or broken , chipped and you just continue using the pathway. This hurt, prick and pain coming from walking every time on such pathway brings troubles, turmoils and wealth losses to your family. Repair this and make the entry way clean and comfortable and see the changes in your life feng shuii.
Use these 3 simple feng shuii cures-
1) Use plants, I love them and always promote growing healthy plants. You not only reduce pollution and purify air surrounding your main door but you also activate life feng shuii! Chinese Bamboo Goodluck plants are the most easiest and luckiest. Then NASA scientifically proved air purifier plants peace lily, mother in laws tongue, and Boston fern , my favorites!
2) Use simple feng shuii cures for protection from evil eye. Name plates can be feng shuii activated with choosing feng shuii colours and materials following the  element theory. Can be in form of artworks,  evil eye wall hanging, wind chime with symbols of protection. Pots and vases are great symbols of wealth and prosperity, see that they are not cracked or broken.
3) Colour of your main door and outside the main door is what makes the feng shuii happy. What I see is that people give order to interior decorators who make the same type of doors, wooden look, safety doors, the same patterns. What feng shuii would you like to attract? for good charged up feng shuii energy choose differently. There are a list of colours in feng shuii Ba gua and you can opt for fancy main doors. the outside colors is also important to be bright and clean and not dull, as this affects the mood of the person coming in the house every time.
Think in detail about what you would like your main door to be and what connects to your heart making it happy, choose that colour for your main doior and outside your main door, and activate 100% life feng shuii!
Thank you for  coming by Feng Shuii Simple Cures! All the Best from Rizwana!
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Inspired by this painting done in year 2013 and retouched in 2015 the dream has come true, have a entryway garden, Thank you Universe!