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Are there genies and their bottles? About making The Feng Shuii Genie Bottles

The Genie Bottles Pair
Genie bottles, the mythical lores and tales , the fairly tales , as children we all loved these fantasies of the huge genie popping up, following his Masters command. These fantasies come up even now as many people who are struggling with finances literally tell so many times, I wish a genie pops up and fulfills our wishes!
Genie's I do not know, but  there is a magical element in feng shuii energy that when activated correctly does open up ways and doors towards wealth and success.
Finding this place is a bit difficult. Well, but not so much as searching or finding a genie bottle!
And yes, please don't find bottles from seas, you may end up with dirt and negative energy. Genie bottles do exist, and yes, they are not literally Genie bottles but they are termed as wealth bottles.
In feng shuii you can make your own Genie bottles and keep them in your wealth or prosperity corner. If you are lucky enough to find the right spot, your lucky spot, bravo! wealth follows!
Make your own genie Bottle-
1) Find a pair, always a pair of similar bottles with proper secure lids.
2) Preferable mud, ceramic, but you can get antique bottles of metal (silver) or glass too.
3) The top lid of the bottle must be narrow. This means the bottom of the bottles must be wide and top must be narrow, remember the Genie bottles!
4) Clean well, give some morning sunlight, put fresh intentions and begin making your Genie bottles. You can also use hand painted bottles.
5) Objects of wealth, Symbols of wealth. In ancient China the wealth feng shuii jars were filled with grains, cloth, coins and secured with red ribbons.
6) Going with modern decor you can put Chinese Goodluck Gold coins. Tied with red silk ribbons. You can also do this if you don't have Chinese Gold coins- try to put small currency coins.
7) The Genie bottles are strongest symbols to activate instant free flowing  wealth, try it, it works!
Tip- hide the Genie bottles, for faster results!
and if you are the urban minimalist type, let go of all physical feng shuii cures and add up some feng shuii art!The Genie Bottles!
What more the genie bottles also brings smiles and keeps alive the fantasy of magic in your life as it works !
All the Best from Rizwana!

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