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What are Omens how to understand and use Omens for benefit

Omens, the word brings some fright from horror movies, me too! but actually Omens are symbols from the universe. After Reading on this subject, sign, symbol, token, warning, prediction, forewarner, It is important that you learn to observe and be alert for the messages from the universe.
Omens are happenings that you feel, realize, feel, and use these for your benefits. Also this is true that not all symbols will be true, but once you learn to be in tune with this energy it will help you understand life, relationships, decision making and long term goals.
These are simple sounds, images, colours, that you see, as you wake up.
So many times I have felt these and then things have happened...and then somehow the links come to place.Dreams also are a part of these messages from the universe. Many people also say of ancestors, old people of family coming in any other form  and communicating through symbols in present or in dreams.
Crows are common symbols and when we hear crows cawing, people say be prepared for guests. Two crows symbolize pairs luck. Single black raven is a symbol of any mishap, death, bad news.
While when you wake up to sweet chirping sounds of birds your day goes good.If you get up scared from sleep the energy is imbalanced and your day needs to be organized before hand to avoid wrong happenings.  As often people say, from the beginning of the day things are going wrong, or maybe things are strange from morning.
Then the cat crossing your lane, standing or passing under a ladder(very inauspicious) dogs barking at night and owls making strange sounds during night are again bad omens.
Coming out of this negative omen beliefs, each happening has a simple cure and explanation. The cat, is scared and runs past you! owls may be a mother in pain delivering, (we had in our neighborhood, and the babies are quite noisy!) If things are going Haywire check your body chi. breathe , take deep breaths and take charge of your life.
From the messages the Universe is giving redirect it with your brain and thoughts. Symbols and healing symbols help to redirect your chi and activate positive energy instantly. Now, your day will go as you want it and not on its own. The task , difficult one, but possible, to redirect your life by using the power of brain and positive spoken affirmations.
Birds in any form are symbols of goodluck, goodnews and if you see a bird on your window sill, it sure brings luck.
Wish Fulfillment
For your universal message Omen, luck, remember the birds have to come unexpectedly on your window or room and not everyday feeding or many birds that fly daily from your room.
Be alert, be in the moment, and thank the universe for these omens. Especially if you are beginning any important task, opening a shop, starting a new business and you see such omens, remember to instantly thank the universe. If there are bad omens, ask blessings for protection for the universe, the mishaps are averted, trusts the universe, it always wants the best for you!
When you hear an Ambulance, thank the universe immediately for your and your family's good  and pray for the person in the ambulance, you will attract good health and relationships. If you hear the police siren, immediately thank the universe from saving you from wrong happenings and pray for the person.
First thing you wake up you break an object , pray for the negative energy gone over to the thing and clear off the space with purification rituals. With these messages from the universe think about what is happening in your life and how these messages are linked, what are they communicating. Learn to observe these omens and use them for your benefit.
and of course my Airavaat, Yep! if you see an elephant, BRAVO! most auspicious, and most beautiful Universal blessings coming your way!
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shuii!
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