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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tie Belt Hangers Organizing your Wardrobe simple feng shui steps beautiful Tie belt hangers

Simple little things take away your energy, you hardly notice from where there is energy drain.
While we lay a lot of importance on feng shui clutter clearing and organizing its the little things in your ward robe that go unnoticed.
Clutter Clearing Organizing your Wardrobe simple feng shui steps.
When we talk of clearing clutter from your wardrobe and organizing it to get yourself and life organized we keep in mind all the things right from apparel, shoes, ties, belts and upholstery.
It is easy to organize your clothes in hangers neatly but the most neglected ones are the tie and belts socks that still go rolled over in any way stacked inside some space. The result is some way feng shui clutter, where you waste your personal energy precious chi everyday searching for the right match.
Often a wardrobe which is not properly organised affects life energy in many ways. It leads to confusion, hesitation, inability to make decisions and losing focus. Also it directly affects your time energy as you waste precious time every day in searching for the matching tie, belts socks resulting in energy drain right in the beginning of the day!
Belt Hanger Organizer
We have today beautiful organizers for every thing that can help you to keep your wardrobe organized. Beautiful Tie and belt hangers are so convenient and help to keep your precious silk ties in neat space in your ward robe. The belts can be hanged beautifully and easily available when required. So another little step towards organizing your wardrobe and your life!
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Feng Shui Mirror Cure Gone Wrong in Shops Driving away wealth from shops with mirrors

Feng Shui Mirror Cure Gone Wrong!  driving away wealth from shops with mirrors has become one that I see in so many places and people complain that feng shui is not working!
Shops who are using feng shui cure mirror to multiply wealth and business luck , some important careful feng shui tips here for hanging mirrors in shops  .
1) Opposite to the main door mirror, multiplies wealth and customers. But also drives away wealth and customers if it is on road.
2) Check the view in the mirror of your shop reflecting. It will multiply everything, so not only customers but also dried tree, broken pipes, drains, garbage bins, just whatever is seen in it.
3) If the cashier sits opposite the main door, as the wealth is seen coming in so also it is reflected going out.
4) If the opposite shop wall is reflected in your just be careful of the images.  If it is a toys shop, medical shop, hospital or plastics , see that it does not clash with your business items. Like if you sell flowers the opposite shop must not be of elements that clash with earth.
5) If wealth is not coming in check the mirrors for faults, sometimes it  is concave, distorted or cracked, even a minor crack can affect your business, customers and wealth.
Feng shui cures are really very simple and very effective but simple things going wrong can affect the feng shui of your life. use with care and positive intentions.
Hope this Helps!
Wealth Cures
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Chinese Fan Feng Shui Cure and Feng Shui Symbolism Fan Tail Motifs Dragon and Other Images on fan symbolism

Guiding and directing energy to the space with Chinese fans. One of the most auspicious and workable feng shui cures, The Chinese Fans. Beautiful fan tail motifs are very attractive and decorative fans have been traditionally displayed in every home in China and with feng shui symbolism it’s a symbol of wealth, good  luck, protection and warding off evil energies.
The Chinese fans with decorative painted motifs symbolize the required energy. Flowers symbolize happiness , fruits symbolize wealth and symbols, the ones I love and paint Chinese, they symbolize the required energy. Birds especially peacock motifs are very attractive in feng shui fans as they act as bringing loads of wealth, helpful mentors and friends and protective energy as of the thousand eyes of the peacock. Then there are dragons, tigers, cranes, swans and the beautiful cherry blossoms, all symbolizing prosperity and good luck.
Mostly choose Chinese hand painted fans made of bamboo wood and as this represents the fire element please take care to display this in best directions for benefit.
The right way to display Chinese fan as feng shui cures for attracting positive energy-
1)Always display  it open and never closed, this has strong symbolism.
2)The face , open should show where the energy is supposed to flow, like inside the home and never away from home.
3) The Chinese fan must never be displayed with head facing down or straight up, it is believed in feng Shui that chi travels in curves so a bit of angle is great!
4) Dead ends and long passages can be activated with displaying Chinese fans as cures to circulate chi around.
5) Never display a  broken or distorted confusing image painted on fan in your home.
6) Never choose a plain black colored fan. It symbolizes negative strong Yin energy and is not good in feng shui. Choose colors and  designs in your Chinese hand painted fan according to feng shui symbolism.
My Flower of Love Oil Painting Unique Flower Painting Collection

Chinese fans are  so pretty and a large fan can be quite a style statement in interior d├ęcor of your living room. Choose a hand painted Chinese fan with the desired motif you love, dragon, birds, cherry blossoms, mandarin ducks or many more beautiful hand painted fans. Great way to improve  chi in your space and invite good fortune and prosperity.