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Friday, December 9, 2011

Meaning of Mental and Physical Clutter in Feng Shui and Clutter Cleaning

Meaning of mental and physical clutter in feng shui, as the name suggests clutter is any form of objects or furniture which is lying without use for many years. You have it in your room or cupboard but you do not use it. You also do not clean it and usually it ends up in your attic or store room. Clutter is one of the most important energy stealers in your home and office. This hinders all progress and creates blocks in every aspect of your life.
This means the old furniture that may be broken, the old clothes that are in good condition but you have not worn them in years, your broken clocks and of course books lying full of dirt without use.

Clutter is anything that will block the chi of that particular area. In other words it will take space in your home without giving out any productive energy. By this I do not in any way mean that more furniture is clutter. If you have a small house then your furniture which is being used daily is not clutter even though it may be tight fitted in your room. Though in feng shui we do promote to keep the space free as much as possible to maintain cleanliness and positive chi to flow easily in every nook and corner of your house.
By clutter we mean not only physical clutter but also mental clutter. I have seen many people reluctantly remove and part with things whereas still keep grudges form the past deeply embedded in their minds. This will not lead you top a free path and still create blocks in your karma.
Offices also have clutter of past in form of old files and objects along with furniture. You may not throw away all the files of the past workers but it can be filed and stored in some other place to make way for new files of the new employee.
Clutter cleaning especially comes handy when there is a take over from past employer to a new business head. Important steps in clutter cleaning are very very important for the progress of your new venture. Other wise the bad luck of the past business owner will also come along with the energy of the place and you may also suffer the same losses as the previous business owner. Cleaning of clutter is very important to clear the space and make way for positive energy to bring about growth in business and also new opportunities for increasing your business.
All things that have not been used since past five years can be removed, sold out or donated as charity. If you have antique furniture and objects which you find difficult to part with you can clean them and store them in tight containers in your store room. Usually people tend to cling to broken furniture and clocks along with other objects that are not in daily use and also are not cleaned regularly. As a result they accumulate dust and negative energy which creates blocks in energy of that area of your home or office and in the long run that area of your life suffers.
Another very important clutter cleaning which many people do not pay attention is advice for those who have jobs online or use of internet for work. They do work using laptops and computers and as they try to keep their working table organised and clean many do often forget to clean and organise their folders. Just like your manual files are the computer folders which need organising and cleaning form time to time otherwise you have lots of unorganised data which you yourself get confused.
Just like an object takes space in your house and blocks that area so do your thoughts of the past. They stay in your mind without paying rent and are very difficult to drive out. They need regular cleanings and as an disinfectant for the house so is exercise, meditation and relaxation for your mind.
For any cure in feng shui we do begin with the ritual of clutter cleaning as we have to make place for the new and unless the old negative energy moves out there will be no progress and all your feng shui cures may take a long time to show results.
All the Best!  

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