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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Red Purse and Black Wallet in Feng Shui

Red purse in feng shui is considered very auspicious and is a sure way to improve your wealth luck and hear the money tingling. You can welcome money into your life by having a red purse. As red colour is considered a lucky colour in feng shui you will charge your money with the red purse and see the coins rolling.
You must be careful in selecting a red purse as this must be comfortable for you. If you feel awkward then this cure will not work. Also see that all the compartments of your red purse are according to your needs. It would be better that when you go for buying a red purse first consider all the items that you need regularly and then see the size and compartments available in the purse to buy. Do have a red purse where there is money compartment, mobile phone compartment and comb safety pins and medicines for emergency use. See all these may not only help you but also when someone else is in need of these items you can sure get some blessing and improve your heaven luck by helping others in emergency need.
Red Purse
Lay importance and respect on your money. This is an important lesson in feng shui. The more respect you give to your money it will give back many folds. And yes this does not mean you run after money. Begin the habit of saving regularly be it few coins , also these may add up and improve your money luck.
Always keep few Chinese feng shui coins tied with red ribbon for good luck in your red purse. See that your red purse is not cluttered and you find difficulty in finding thins yourself. This will indicate that your finances are a mess, so as you organise your purse see the results in few days as your finances will improve.
As women can have a red purse men would not look good holding on to a red wallet. They can select black wallet which is the best to improve finances and money luck. As the rule avoid clutter and have you wallet organised and you can have your cheque book and other important cards in proper sections of your wallet. For improving money luck do keep feng shui coins tied with red ribbon in your wallet. 
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