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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Important Increasing Knowledge Feng Shui Cure Setting Up a Library With Feng Shui Tips

Important increasing knowledge feng shui cure as knowledge brings growth and wealth. Knowledge and reading is one of the most important forms of increasing knowledge. A library is considered very auspicious in any house as it is  a treasure chest of knowledge. Setting up a library using simple feng shui tips  helps too attract education luck.
 A home that has plenty of knowledgeable books and reading matter is a home where happy families reside. There is always a book at hand which indicates that the family can pass through any thick or thin moments easily.
Setting up a library is very good and you need not have loads and tons of huge books. It can be a small compartment in your wardrobe and can be as large a whole wall unit, all depends upon your life style and choice of reading habits of your family. Unless you and your family are in the reading habit please do not make a library just for the sake of it. Books are not an decorative item and of course not another show piece or furniture. Lay utmost importance on books and see how they give you respect and recognition in your line of career a boost.
You can have second hand books or new ones according to your likes and there are also many hand over’s from our parents, friends and relatives. First of all keep the area of your library clean. Books do need tending and care and if neglected they may catch fungus and also be attacked by mites which can destroy everything. Have the books organised according to story books, novels, thrillers, children’s books, knowledge books, romantic novels,  self help books and motivational books if you are a true collector of books. Organizing your library will keep your life organised and you will see how your career and education graph of your children move in upward direction.
For bringing luck in knowledge and increase in academic performance of your children the best placement of a library would be in the north east of your living room. If you have a large bungalow you can also have a special room as library but do remember to use this room frequently lest it catches on negative energy and dust. You can also have a globe placed here in the north east to improve your academic and knowledge luck.
Confidence is Beautiful Reiki symbol painting Rizwana M
In feng shui we advise to have the library in closed structure as open shelves accumulate lots of dust which is not considered good. Even if you are not a frequent reader and have a good collection of books do take out time to remove all the books, arrange them and keep your library clean.
This cure can also be used to enhance education luck and if your children are not doing good academically or you feel stunted in career growth then setting up a library will start the process of welcoming knowledge luck in your life.
Just like the rule number one in every feng shui cure do not accumulate clutter. Your library must be welcoming and not a compartment where as soon as you open the door books fall all over you! Do keep a comfortable seating arrangement near your library to get cozy with a book as books are considered man’s best friend! I love books and our library is always stocked with good books and believe me you are never alone when there is a book at hand.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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