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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Important Feng Shui Tip For Balancing Energy Entering Your Home

Energy in any form is always moving and it flows in and out of your hone right through the main door and also your windows. The main door is considered very important in feng shui as this is the mouth of your house. The main source of energy and nourishment for your house and hence lots of importance is given to main door feng shui. As you make your entrance inviting  and attractive with an designer feng shui  name plate, you may also have plants and symbols for good luck and also religious symbols can be displayed on the main door to protect your house from harm as people enter the first impression and glance is very important. Now here we do not wish to let any negativity enter your precious home. It has been heard since ages that people cast spell and evil eye and this one look is sufficient to destroy the calmness and peace of your home. Not only do you feel negative energy around but sometimes even when people leave then the energy lingering will keep on creating problems in your house, be it health problems, wealth problems or relationship problems.
Have a feng shui mirror fixed above your door to avoid negativity to enter your home. You can also any feng shui cure that will go with your personal nature and decor of your main door. As far as possible select any feng shui cure that goes in harmony with your home decor and does not look like a black sheep amongst all the other decor.
Tibetan mantra Modern Healing painting

Feng shui Mystic Knot and Rooster

Feng Shui Antique Pot painting
The first glance into your home and to avoid the negative arrow her try to put any object of beauty and high price here near the main door at the entry way. You can hang an expensive painting or artwork or go and put up a feng shui painting which will also act as a cure for protecting from negative energy. You can have a big antique vase or flowering plant as the colours will command attention immediately upon entering your home. Select your door mat according to feng shui principles. If your main door faces south or south west you can have a free form or triangular shaped door mat whereas when it faces east and south east you can have a rectangular or square shaped door mat. When your door is in the north you can have floral and wavy patterned door mat. As today interior decorators are placing much importance on designer door mats you can let your creativity flow with selecting new designer door mats. Put the door mat with the intention of peace and prosperity. Anyone entering your home and stepping on the door mat must at first feel peace and calmness and then enter your home.
The next glance should be over a feng shui painting or any expensive object or wall hanging. Then the view of the whole room can be taken and then the rest of your home. Never allow anyone to enter your home straight into your personal room or bedroom, as this is a sure way to let negativity enter your home. Be if friend or foe or neighbor, do try to converse before allowing them to enter inside as this will ease out the energy they come with and allow the energy to settle down and become in harmony. Better to be safe than sorry.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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