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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why is Home Feng Shui Most Important for Progress and Success

Your house is considered the most important place in feng shui. Since the home gives energy and feeling of belongingness to the family members this sit he only pace where an individual eats, rests and increases his life energy. When an home is happy and environment healthy then the family members are also seen happy and feel good and attract luck and prosperity. All problems are narrowed down to your home and feng shui places a lot of importance on your home energy which is the most important energy for anyone.
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Though we use feng shui for office, restrooms , hotels and every other place we do believe that any cure begins from curing problems at home. Your house when feng shuid will show improved results in every aspect of your life, and many times, most of your problems are solved when the home is feng shuid according to the principles of feng shui. Why does feng shui place so much importance on house?
Of all the constructions the house has to most strongest energy and this energy can affect your life in positive as well as negative manner. It has been said since ages that your home reflects your personality and this is very true. Since a home is the major part of every individuals life the energy here is of utmost importance. Any problems and poison arrows in the house when cured will reflect in every aspect of the individuals life. Feng shui cures used in the house will be sufficient for every problem and will show results in every field.
Consider all the elements before beginning to feng shui your home. Make a plan according to the feng shui map and divide your home accordingly. Your main door should be the most important part where you put most efforts to improve the energy here. Decorate your main door according to feng shui principles and see the positive change in your life.
Another most important cure for welcoming grace into your home and life is as we all have door mats which are often dirty and unkempt. Place a lot of importance on your door mat. This is the first welcoming sign for any visitor and in other words good luck. place an attractive door mat, you can also select red colour, but if you are not comfortable with this then you can have any coloured door mat which is clean and has neat edges. Remember to avoid the ruffled edged doormat as this is not good. Also try to have a door mat that does not slip and move often as there is risk of people slipping on entering. Decorate your main door with attractive name plate, plants and lights, remember all according to your tastes and nothing should be done just because it is said in feng shui and if you are not comfortable with anything please do not use this cure.
You can also hang a feng shui painting for welcoming good luck and attracting positive energy into your home. Try to keep the energy of energy room balanced and in harmony. Use the feng shui principles to balance yin and yang energy.
Your living room ahs to ahve a lot of yang energy to keep it lively and your bedroom has to have more of yin or passive energy to make it relaxing. Whereas the children’s bedroom ahs to have a balance of both yin as well as yang energy keeping in mind the bed area for yin energy and play and study area having more of yang energy. Use colours wisely according to their energy of yin and yang and improve the feng shui of your home using colours and objects of yin and yang colours.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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