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Friday, December 16, 2011

Water at Your Main Door in Feng Shui

Water energy is considered very very auspicious in feng shui and water can be used for great benefits if used correctly as feng shui cure. With years of experience using feng shui cures which uses wind and water to balance energy for good life we can understand that water is one of the most important elements in feng shui. Using this cure though in the right place is very important and it is proved that water can be used for miraculous results especially in your money and career area it is also one of the elements that need correct guidance and care to be used.
Let me tell you first where water cannot be used and this comes first especially in the south. Since this area corresponds to fire energy and we all know water will extinguish fire and so will your will and desire to work and achieve success. Your main door chi can also be improved drastically by using water element incorporated as water fountain or waterfall. As we see many offices and homes decorated with water features at the entrance not all these features are good feng shui, especially if your main door comes in the south. Please avoid any water element even water fall paintings in this area of south even if you wish to improve the chi of your main door. Here you can opt for other feng shui cures like wind chimes, wall hangings of floral design or colourful lights at the entrance.
If your house and main door faces north this cure will be best for you to have an attractive water fall or fountain near your main door.  Also remember to use water only on one side of your door. Having water features on both sides will promote bad feng shui and it will be like water in both eyes and will bring eventual downfall in business and life.
Place any water feature like water fall or fish tank on the left side of your main door.  As you are inside the house and main door this area will fall in your left side. Never place two water elements on the opposite walls. If you cannot place a water feature you can also have a feng shui painting of jumping dolphins or any feng shui painting having blue colour to increase the chi of your main door.   
Main door feng shui can also be improved by having water in any form like blue coloured name plate or colour blue for career luck. Black colour also represents water and this can be used to improve career luck. Having fishes or a feng shui painting of fishes swimming in water will promote good luck and as the fish swim with ease in water so will you be able to face your life and all problems with ease.
The sound that the water feature creates is also an important aspect while selecting any water feature. if you like soft flowing water go in for wood or metal fountain and water feature that are simple whereas if you can tolerate louder motor sound then you can select a water fountain to be placed near your main door. But do listen to the sound of the motor before selecting any water feature as the sound may become disturbing later on and will not be able to serve the purpose of a good feng shui cure, which is to promote peace, good luck and prosperity. Having placed a water fountain will improve the main door chi but do remember that if you have a water fall the direction of the water flow must be towards your house and not away from it. The flow of water is symbolic of wealth coming in your house and you do not wish it to flow away from your home. As in feng shui water is money and we carefully conserve water and avoid leaking pipes and leaking taps this feng shui water feature at your main door will bring you lots of good luck and money luck. 
All the Best!  

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  1. Balance of energies or 'chi' is the essence of good Feng Shui. To achieve harmony, the yin and the yang should be in equilibrium. For those interested in ancient Chinese system geomancy, the advice of an expert geomancer is your best bet.

    Raphael Jeanfrancois

  2. yes very true balance is always most important, are you in this field, it would be nice to increase knowledge and cater to expert advice.

  3. You made some fine points there. I did a search on the subject and found a good number of persons will go along with your blog. sewer pipe repair

    1. Oh Thank you so much ussewer, Thanks for liking my Feng Shui Simple Cures! All the Best from Rizwana!

  4. My house entry from west side.Hence I want to fit a photograph of water fall so I will setting it S E side.Iam new in this sector & interested.

  5. My house entry from west side.Hence I want to fit a photograph of water fall so I will setting it S E side.Iam new in this sector & interested.

  6. My house entry from west side.Hence I want to fit a photograph of water fall so I will setting it S E side.Iam new in this sector & interested.

  7. Sumit Sen, South east is the wealths ector in Feng Shui, yes water fall would be great, just check the poster , photo carefyllu for all the elements shown there.
    Hope these posts help!
    All the Best from Rizwana!

  8. Aloha, I would like to find out if it is ok to place a big wood dophin on the wall of a stair landing which is facing a sliding door to a lanai of the house. My kids uses this entrance a lot because its the closest to their bedrooms. The stairs looking to the SW. The landing will be on the east.

  9. Hi, greetings!

    I have my main door at west & I'm entering east direction. As suggested i would keep a water fountain on the North wall of the living room. Also i would like to keep an aquarium on the south east wall with is close to the kitchen. Is it advisable to keep two water bodies on the living room. As per feng shui N is a secondary wealth corner & south east too is a primary wealth corner. I have my Kua no. as 3. Please suggest?

    1. Amal, yes, avoid two water features in one room.if you really want, avoid them in one line or parallel facing each other.

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