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Monday, December 26, 2011

Why Feng Shui is not Working?

Using feng shui cures we do get success in majority of cases but in few case there are no results seen and the people often wonder why feng shui is not working?  Since this is positive energy from the universe that has no direction of its own and it will show results according to the placement of any feng shui cure and your intentions.
The first question I ask is are you prepared for the change? Here you will get all your answers. The very fact that the individual is not prepared for the change is a mental block that will hinder in your achievement of any goal. Be it mental, physical or wealth related or your health any change must come from within and from the individual himself and any feng shui cure will start working only when the concerned individual is involved with this.
Whenever we use any feng shui cure we always set up an intention and then begin with the cure. Very often the individual concerned is not prepared for the result and change and it is they infact themselves who are creating blocks in achievement of their success and goal. Many people come with getting cure for wealth, in feng shui wealth is not just money, it has a deeper meaning. Wealth is money, health, relationships and every aspect of your life that becomes rich by using an feng shui cure for wealth. Your life starts to unfold all the creases and cracks are healed and you come upon a new life with renewed energy and healthy relationships with your family and friends.
When people come for cure for improving heaven luck they themselves are not prepared to come out and face the new life and carry the burden of bad karma, not letting go is another important hurdle which will prevent you from seeing any result from using an feng shui cure. They feel it is justified that they suffer due to their past karma and hence do not really wish to come pout of their problems. Many childless couples also are not prepared for the new arrivals and they keep trying various cures for this to bring in a new baby when in fact they are so busy with their work and their bedroom does not even have a place for their new baby! They are so much involved with their present lives that there is no energy for the new baby and no place in their lifestyle and here no amount of healing and cures will work to remove the mental and karmic block. When people ask for money to improve their prosperity and use various feng shui cures they are not themselves prepared to handle the amount and are sometimes happy with the less income and small saving that they have. They may keep wishing from outside but within they themselves block their progress due to their own beliefs. On conversation you come to know that they believe money is the root of all evils, children and family get spoilt with more money, people get into bad habits with more money, these  are some of the beliefs that majority of people have which will stop in their financial progress.
When they use an cure their first though is how will this work? how can placing a wind chime or a plant act as feng shui cure, how can placing few coins in the prosperity corner bring you money luck? Well I say why not! Feng shui is all about simplicity and love. There are no mistakes in nature. The universe has everything in abundance and you just have to ask for it and you will get it.
Since we place importance on balance and harmony any cure will create peace and positive energy. Even if your life is going on good any more good is always welcome. There is nothing bad about feng shui and here is no harm created by using any feng shui cure. Either it works or it will show results in a different manner where it is more required. May not be what you have asked for but a better way to fulfill your goal.
Your intentions and approval for using any feng shui cure is the most important rule here for seeing success from any feng shui cure. When I paint a feng shui painting to work as cure I do place a lot of importance on the nature and life style of the individual who has to use this cure as every individual is different and a person who loves brown may not like red color and may feel repel towards the feng shui painting, so there will not be any chance that the cure will work as required. Many people also have moving energy levels and they will try to change the placements of feng shui cures every few days, which will not allow the positive energy to settle and show you visible results. Give at least few months for the feng shui cures to show you nay results and though you will immediately begin feeling the results of using and feng shui cure after harmony of elements it is advisable to give more time for the cure to work.
Give respect to feng shui and you will be rewarded many folds.
Having an open heart and mind is very important before beginning to use any feng shui cure. Clear and clean the mental clutter before beginning any feng shui cure and please give at least six months for feng shui to work and you will see miraculous results!
All the Best!  

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