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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Feng Shui Cure When you keep losing money extra unexpected losses and expenses soemf eng shui cures

It so happens that you frequently keep losing money. Be it unexpected expenditure or unexpected and impulsive buying of things which result in you always coming with empty wallet or purse. You plan your expenses but suddenly new expenses come up and your budget goes hay wire. In feng shui most expenses and losing money problems is related to over head beams in your house. Over head beams are not considered good in feng shui. As the beams are extended form from the ceiling they put undue pressure on the ground and this affects the inmates adversely. There is always pressure in the home and relationships are tense and you can feel the atmosphere always lingering with tension and as if everyone is on the edge and any fraction there will be a quarrel.
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Beams have been problematic in many homes and now as people are realising this many people are avoiding buying houses which have over head beams in the rooms. Beams though can be cured by making artificial ceiling or false ceiling this is very costly. Many people try to conceal the beams with making storage or compartments to display small knick knacks and decorative objects. Having a beam in your dining room especially above your dining table is not considered good in feng shui. There is tendency of the family to keep losing wealth and money frequently. More expenses and tight finances are a result of having over head beams in the dining room above the dining table. This will not only create pressure in relationships within the family but it will also bring unexpected expenditure and wastage of money. If the beam is above the gas stove then there is always a financial crunch within the family. However much the income increases the family will always be under the pressure of more expenses and financial crunch. As you los money with beam over the dining table you will lose in any relationship when this over head beam is in your bedroom especially above your bed.
Try to conceal these over head beams with false ceilings and decorations. An easy and inexpensive cure for this would be to hang decorations of paper or cloth over your dining table. You can also use shiny paper or cloth decorations and hangings and as they move and sway with the wind the energy here will be eased and so will the pressure created in your life due to the over head beams. Remember the rule here is not to hang heavy objects and wind chimes above your dining table or bed as there is a risk of accidents. The rule here is light weight objects that can move along with the wind and even if they drop there is no risk for the people sitting under them.
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All the Best from Rizwana!


  1. It is true. Before making this house I was wealthy and after I m loosing money. And there are many beams in our house.

  2. Udarath, if you are experiencing this please try out some feng shui cures, beams are strong shar energy and affects the people in any space, and also activate wealth corners of your home, hope this helps!
    All the Best from Rizwana!

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