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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Many People Interfering in Your Life Use Simple Cure in Feng Shui to get your Privacy Back

Many people interfering in your life, personal and professional , use simple feng shui cures to get your privacy back.
Feng shui can cure any problem or imbalance in your life. Be it your home or office and friends or relatives all the problems coming up in your life can be easily solved by using simple feng shui cures without making any major changes in your life and home.
There are some people who can lead their life according to their own wish and they are the leaders of their life whereas some people find too many people meddling in their personal life and private affairs. In fact there is nothing hidden from the public and sometimes there is no private life.
The reason seen here according to feng shui maybe there are too many mirrors in the home or office. With the latest trend of having mirrors everywhere as this creates a more spacious feeling and open space mirrors have been extensively used by many interior decorators for designing homes and offices. You can see mirrors in the living room , the bedroom, the dining and the children’s room as also the guests room along with the entertainment room.
With the latest trends in interior decoration many mirrors are customized according to the home or office decor to fit into the interior design of your home. The result is an excellent lively and bright room as we all know mirrors reflect light so the rooms look very attractive, bright and there is no need for extra lighting during the day.
Since there are many positive points about using mirrors but they are not suitable for every room and every place. In feng shui we believe mirrors are an important and assured cure for many problems. With deflating negative arrows to multiplying your wealth mirrors can be sued for many purposes. But the problem arises when there is too much.
We know that anything too much is harmful as this leads to imbalance. Even mirrors can lead to disharmony and relationship problems in your life.
Having too many mirrors especially in the south west region may attract undue and unnecessary attention to your private life. Just like the mirror reflects everything it sees so will your life become open tot he outside world. Too many people will start interfering in your personal life and this will create disharmony in not only your personal life but also your professional life.
Designer mirrors are made in various designs and the designer may not consider feng shui elements while constructing an customized mirror. It may have sharp edges and abnormal abstract design which is not considered good in feng shui. The person looking at abstracts does not have sense of direction and will not be focused in his life. Sharp edges are also harmful as they tend to act as negative arrows and the feng shui cure in fact will turn out to be a negative strong arrow which will do more harm than good.
Consider having mirrors with smooth edges and curved shapes as this creates good chi. Avoid having too many mirrors or group of mirrors on any one wall. In a room go according to the size of the room and have the mirror, too large a mirror or one single wall of mirror is not good feng shui for the room. Take special care while putting mirrors in any direction especially taking care of relationship area that is south west and the west. If there is any glass or mirror with broken edges immediately seal it and fix the problem and if there are broken mirrors please replace them or remove the broken mirrors from the room.
For the office feng shui try to have at least one plant beside you for support if you have large mirrors. This will multiple your income and business opportunities but do take care to have the mirror in front of you and not at your back as the client will be able to see your back which is not good in feng shui and you will always feel the client will pay more attention towards your back wall which is not good when you are negotiating a deal.
Too many mirrors in office will have too many people interfering with your work and there will be confusion and no concrete decision making which will affect your business adversely.
All the Best!  

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  1. Nice Post. and I think u r right... Lets see. Going to give it a try.

  2. Anjali, yes try feng shui , it works! All the Best from Rizwana!


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