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Friday, December 9, 2011

What is Feng Shui Customised Money Board Painting

Usually people try out feng shui cures fro many problems and also for maintaining peace and harmony in their home and office. One of the easiest ways to improve feng shui of your home and office is to have a customized money board painting done by a good feng shui artist regarding all the aspects that need positive energy in your life.
Be it relationships or searching for good friends till finding a good life partner all cures can be done effectively by using feng shui paintings. The money board painting is one of the famous and most reliable cures in feng shui. Many feng shui masters use this cure to help people come out of their health, wealth and relationship problems.
Using feng shui symbols an healing artist after discussing all problem areas in your life guides you with all cures in one single painting. Symbols used have lots of power to cure all aspects which require tending in your life. And this also is a way to use any feng shui cure without making it noticeable by others. The balancing of all the elements can also be done effectively using feng shui paintings.
Searching for good soul mate is one of the most important turns in everyone's life and feng shui cures can help to find a loving and caring partner and also help to maintain the love between the couple. Finding the right partner using feng shui has become one of the most used cures in feng shui. Relationships can be healed using cures in the south west area of your home and wealth problems can be cured by using money cures in the south east and south directions of your home.
Feng shui paintings can be used to deflate negative energy and bring about positivity and growth in your environment.
A money board painting as the name suggests is a cure for all your money and wealth problems. Be it high expenses which you wish to curb down and reduce the flow of out going money or be it increasing your income and raise in present income along with new sources of income all these can be effectively cured by using feng shui. But though this is a major cure for wealth problems a money board painting can be customized to make a feng shui painting as cure for any and every aspect of your life. A healing feng shui artist can use various symbols to put up all your wishes in one painting. in fact this is a map of your thoughts and dreams. You can converse with the artist and they will come up with the right and adequate cure in form of a feng shui money board painting.
Paintings can be used effectively to improve the feng shui of your home and office and as these cures are in form of paintings they are concealed and do not make public your use of any cure and thus you need not discuss about the use of these cures and let the cures do the work.
All the Best!  

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