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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where to Have a Temple in Feng Shui- Where to Place God Idols in Home

Where to have temples and God idols in home, the right place selection according to feng shui.
In every home we see idols are placed in an important place and since this is one of the most important part of any home the right placement also is of utmost importance. People have idols of Gods and Goddesses in their homes and usually it is termed as the puja room or prayer place. This place is charged with positive energy and whenever you enter you are recharged with positive energy.
In feng shui we do have the three Chinese Gods Fuk, Luk and Sau which are seen in every Chinese homes. Fuk is the God of wealth, Luk is the God of high rank and Sau is the God of longetivity. These idols placed together are symbolic purposes and in fact they are rarely worshipped as a ritual. The symbolic presence is important and they assure long life, good health, wealth and respect. If you have idols of God and worship regularly in feng shui the temple or puja room is important for the peace of mind and good health of the family.
In case you light incense and lamp regularly then your temple would be best in the south. This will also charge your area of fame and recognition and give your prosperity a boost. The south and the south east are best for having lights and lamps here. Since you will keep the area clean and also light small diyas regularly this will keep the area charged and positive. Chanting of mantras will also improve the energy of this area and this will send healing of your soul with sound.
You can also have pictures and paintings of Gods and these are best placed in feng shui in the north west of your home or living room. Since the north west area of your home corresponds to heaven luck and mentor luck having God paintings here will bring help from unexpected quarters in your life. Angels, and Fairies pictures can also be hung up here to improve the feng shui of this area.
Do keep the area and your temple clean and always keep it fresh by burning incense regularly and allow heaven luck and grace into your life and please avoid clutter, do not have too many idols together into a small temple. You will need to focus your energy in one direction to achieve results. You may be following many Gods but minimise the focus into one God and do your regular prayer here to get best results in your life.
All the Best!  

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