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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Meaning and Importance of Chinese Feng Shui Coins

We all see Chinese feng shui coins as a strong cure for any wealth and money problems and people who have used this feng shui cure swear by this cure as this has brought many lives out of misery by welcoming money luck into their life.
Let us first consider the shape of the feng shui coins used for good luck. These coins are round and have a square hole in the center. Symbolic coins may or may not have and images and characters on the coins but the Chinese coins have certain characters written over the coins. In my feng shui paintings I have used symbols written over the coins for acting as money cures for any financial luck problems. The round represents heaven as this is complete and circular in shape and the square represents earth. The symbol for earth is square and round is for heaven and a feng shui lucky coin represents just the same, both heaven and earth luck with you.
Since the coins are of golden colour you are in fact being and carrying gold with you as a symbol of prosperity and wealth.
These feng shui coins can be used as an important cure for any financial problem and setbacks or losses in business and to attract wealth and luck into your life. It is advisable to keep feng shui coins in your purse or wallet to attract wealth. Coins in number of three, six or nine are considered lucky in feng shui. Placing coins under your work table and computer or laptop will also attract wealth and  success in your business and bring new successful opportunities towards you. It is considered very good feng shui to carry these coins with you and tied with a red ribbon to charge it with positive energy. The activated energy brings money luck into your life.
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