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Friday, December 9, 2011

Selection of Right Shape of Clocks in feng Shui

Clocks are important furniture with every home and office. Though we get to see time in our mobile phones still the good old clocks have kept their prominent place in every home. With designer wall clocks and chiming clocks we can see so many new and contemporary clocks that we wonder how the clock ahs adapted to our latest trends and progress of time.
In Feng shui clocks play a very important role in our lives. As they not only show time but has many more other meanings with us. By seeing a good designer clock and wall clock we understand the owner has passion for good clocks and design. Designer clocks have been making waves and many people order customised wall clocks according to their home decor.
A working clock that is also attractive indicates positivity and harmony in the environment. It brings to our notice that all is well. The hourly music of the clock and the pendulum clocks all indicate good chi in the room and house. This also leads to good business and wealth coming from all directions. Placing a clock in your career area especially of the lucky ship will promote good business and increase your wealth and business opportunities. Placing a wall clock in the south will promote fame and recognition. Having a clock with music in the relationship area will promote good and healthy relations between family, relatives and friends.
Clocks can be used as effective cures in any place where you need the energy to keep moving. Any corner of your home where there is stagnant energy and you wish to bring more chi here you can hang a wall clock or have a table clock here to improve the feng shui of that area. Many people hang wall clocks on beams which is also a good cure but do make sure that the clock is visible to you as you have to take care of its cleaning and working and any clock is of no use if it is not visible and does not show time, the main purpose of the clock! and also the right time!
A good feng shui cure can be a wall clock or table clock in the shape of the area element of your home it is to be put up in. Example if you wish to put up the clock in the east area a rectangular clock is good and if you have the place in north or west a round shaped clock is good as this is the metal area and the symbol for metal is round. Any clock that has floral shape or waves shape can be put up in the north area. A triangle shaped clock can be good for the south area as the shape for the element of south is triangle. A square clock can be hung or kept in the east direction of your home of office.
Wall clocks and table designer clocks can be used as very effective feng shui cures provided they are used with care and timely maintenance.  But do take care to immediately repair the clock or replace the cell of your clock as soon as it stops. If the clock is broken do remove it and replace it with a new one. Even though you may not have the time to buy a new clock it is better to remove the old clock that cannot be repaired than keep a broken clock that has stopped working.
All the Best!  

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  1. Welcome Bella to feng Shui Simple Cures! Thank you for liking my feng shui!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Laxmi Raman! All the Best from Rizwana!

  3. I bought a rectangular shape clock and the only option I have in my Hall to hang is north east, is it OK to use that shape?

    1. Yes you can put the rectangular clock in northeast , All the Best from Rizwana!

  4. I have passion for clocks and that's why I collect few antique, vintage and designer wall clocks with me but I never found any Feng shui clock. I will definitely get one If I found one. Thanks for Tips.

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