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Monday, April 18, 2016

What to Do When Your Neighbor Hangs Vodo Doll on Their Door Feng Shui Protection for Neighbors Hunted stuffed Animal heads Eyes Poison Arrows Energy

Vodo Doll shape on main Entrance Feng Shui
What to Do When Your Neighborhood Hangs Vodo Doll on their Door, is what many of you have asked,and so I am sharing some great practical feng shui tips for protection and positive energy without haring your neighbors.
No its not new and not even strange, even our neighbors have a Vodo doll, a rock alum, and large sized idols of Gods all over their main entrance and many other things, from nails to square talismans to  black doll tied upside down!
Ok, this one is  a womens purse on Amazon, cat furry , eyes look real.

Such objects hung have very strong energy, as the person exposed will feel a continuous pressure of some one watching, maybe a shar poison arrow coming to them. people hang animals, stuffed animals, near their main doors for protection but these may produce strong shar energy for your neighbors.
Maybe hunted real stuffed animals or artificial stuffed toys but the eyes sure are directed with strong piercing energy. Again here, hunted animals faces have very powerful fearful energy. While they may be a symbol of victory for many but in fact the feng shui energy is that of fear, confusion and death.
It s the most negative energy when the animal who runs for life and is hunted, try to see the eyes, you will feel it!So I really think people must avoid placing stuffed animals and faces of hunted animals in their home space.
And if it has been hung directed to a person or neighbor, do remember this energy will also have an effect on the inmates of the house who have this on their door. So its not only the neighbors who will be affected but also the people hanging this.
First of all try to understand this may have nothing to do with you, accepting this will relieve a lot of pressure from your brain. Most of the times the neighbors understand and even remove such objects as their situations of stress reduce. And this many times is a temporary phase where neighbors hang many such objects on main door.
What is an poison arrow- its a feeling of uneasiness, restlessness, irritability, anger, confusion, by viewing something, or object or words, or color.
In extreme case people put up the Ba Gua, Pa Kua Mirror, very powerful cure, but just see that use it sparingly. Its a mirror where shapes and images  look distorted. May affect viewers in many ways and in extreme cases lead to sickness of the people exposed or even selling house and leaving the premises by the neighbors.
Wisdom Luck Paintings
Feng Shui can be applied with using positive cures for main entrance door.
1) Green Plants work wonders near entrances. Just see that the plants don't die or dry!
2) White and yellow , pastel colors of soothing energy, bright colors.
3) Colorful torans , tassles.
4) Mirror work torans and door hangings.
5) Use positive symbolism, Name plates, quotes of uplifting happy energy.
Do take care to avoid any issues regarding the main door. remember your main door  reflects your approach to life. Have it cheerful, welcoming,
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Front Door Direction of the House Feng Shui Which Side of the House to Have Front Door

Front door, main door is located on either a side or in center of your home. The position in feng shui is very important as front door represents the mouth of your home, where chi enters. Its your  approach to life.
Whether it is large, in proportion to the whole house, it will drain off chi soon;  too small, main door,  will affect finances coming slow. Very small entrance affects inmates and usually they are less confident and nervous.
Every house  according to feng shui will be affected by the direction of your door.Yes of course East doors are best, as they bring in sun rays , welcoming best energy to your home but all sectors have their individual respective positive points.
Front Door Feng Shui Raz
Let's see the house as a square or rectangle and then take the position of your main door. Does it fall in the center of the whole house? does it fall on right or left of the house.
The Dragon energy rules the left side of the front door and doors that fall on left side are protected with this energy.
Fame Feng Shui Raz
The center of the house is also a good place to have your main front door.
If possible avoid doors with right hand side entrances.
Your front door must be prominent and clear and demarcated from the other doors of your house. Having too many doors on one side alongside the main door confuses chi, and wealth prosperity and in turn opportunistic and luck.
Though if you have no choice simple feng shui cures like crystals and green plants help balance the energy.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Monday, April 11, 2016

Feng Shui Bedroom Art Very Important For Hanging Heart Wall Art, nails heart shape and feng shui symbolism

Getting creative and in search of something unique people try out different wall art. One such style caught my eye, nail art. Creativity is one thing and understanding symbolism and feng shui energy is totally another one.
Nail art, thread art is seen in many homes and hung in bedrooms above bed, is the love symbolic image of heart.
String Nail Thread Art Heart Shaped

Nail art in heart shape
Hardly do people give it another thought as to how this can negatively  influence their marital life and their relationships. Choosing heart images does not always attract love , and not here in this case especially with nail art.
Nails in feng shui are considered to attract negative energy. Any object pointed with sharp edges produces shar energy.
Such nail art hearts if hung in bedroom above bed will continuously send out negative shar poison arrows towards the couple , misunderstanding, quarrels, and may in extreme case lead to separation and distance between the couple.
The relationship sector with nails produces strong vibes of attacking energy and may affect the mind of the couple.
What more such nails in any spaces, like wealth sector too will produce shar energy and hinder incoming wealth and prosperity. Before choosing any creative art forms one must carefully think about the effects the wall art will have on their lives and that of their family. Choose carefully feng shui paintings cures to attract good wealth health and luck.
Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!
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Friday, April 1, 2016

Do You Know Your Spectacles Feng Shui? Branded Spectacle and Glasses Feng Shui Important tips for spectacles in feng shui

Branded, designer frames spectacle and glasses , so many options so many designs and each one unique, you also have online options to choose frames and see what and which specs will suit you and look good on your face. Going by the brand name and the looks, lets see some feng shui considerations that will help you in life while you buy  choose and use your branded spectacles.
Its easy too get the latest patterns and frames in spectacles and then begin the feng shui energy as you start using them in your day to day life.How comfortable is the specs, how does it go along with your lifestyle, and how easy it is to use that is wear and remove.
Swarovski Frames for Spectacles

Unique Frames for spectacles
1) Of course look for the brand name you want and also the price ranges but see that the chosen specs and frames are in your budget range or price allotted for this, only then you will be happy wearing them. Otherwise there will always be doubts coming up,  whether you took the right decisions.and that will be with every use taking away your personal energy.
2) See that the chosen frames and sizes go well with your lifestyle. Buying a modern funky specs is great but wearing them to office daily is just another thing you must consider while selecting your spectacles.
3) How is the case, yes the home of your spectacles. If you don't realize the importance ask people and see how difficult it gets sometimes to carry the case in your hand bags and clutches.The case as well must be good and easy to carry with your branded spectacles.
4) How is the feel, here comes feng shui. Do you feel good or you feel ist out of the place. Here again personal preferences and choices are important. Go with your own gut feelings and not with fashion trends only,  or any friends suggestions.
 5) How long it has been that you cleaned the glass of your specs? most important! Dirty stained glass in your spectacles or cracked glass or frame brings out a disillusioned picture of the world.
Replace the frames, buy a new one if it is cracked or worn out. Keep cleaning the glass regularly to get a clear view and picture of the world.  It is really very very important as your life will be influenced with this one decision,
Try it it works wonders to your life!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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