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Monday, April 11, 2016

Feng Shui Bedroom Art Very Important For Hanging Heart Wall Art, nails heart shape and feng shui symbolism

Getting creative and in search of something unique people try out different wall art. One such style caught my eye, nail art. Creativity is one thing and understanding symbolism and feng shui energy is totally another one.
Nail art, thread art is seen in many homes and hung in bedrooms above bed, is the love symbolic image of heart.
String Nail Thread Art Heart Shaped

Nail art in heart shape
Hardly do people give it another thought as to how this can negatively  influence their marital life and their relationships. Choosing heart images does not always attract love , and not here in this case especially with nail art.
Nails in feng shui are considered to attract negative energy. Any object pointed with sharp edges produces shar energy.
Such nail art hearts if hung in bedroom above bed will continuously send out negative shar poison arrows towards the couple , misunderstanding, quarrels, and may in extreme case lead to separation and distance between the couple.
The relationship sector with nails produces strong vibes of attacking energy and may affect the mind of the couple.
What more such nails in any spaces, like wealth sector too will produce shar energy and hinder incoming wealth and prosperity. Before choosing any creative art forms one must carefully think about the effects the wall art will have on their lives and that of their family. Choose carefully feng shui paintings cures to attract good wealth health and luck.
Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!
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