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Monday, April 18, 2016

Front Door Direction of the House Feng Shui Which Side of the House to Have Front Door

Front door, main door is located on either a side or in center of your home. The position in feng shui is very important as front door represents the mouth of your home, where chi enters. Its your  approach to life.
Whether it is large, in proportion to the whole house, it will drain off chi soon;  too small, main door,  will affect finances coming slow. Very small entrance affects inmates and usually they are less confident and nervous.
Every house  according to feng shui will be affected by the direction of your door.Yes of course East doors are best, as they bring in sun rays , welcoming best energy to your home but all sectors have their individual respective positive points.
Front Door Feng Shui Raz
Let's see the house as a square or rectangle and then take the position of your main door. Does it fall in the center of the whole house? does it fall on right or left of the house.
The Dragon energy rules the left side of the front door and doors that fall on left side are protected with this energy.
Fame Feng Shui Raz
The center of the house is also a good place to have your main front door.
If possible avoid doors with right hand side entrances.
Your front door must be prominent and clear and demarcated from the other doors of your house. Having too many doors on one side alongside the main door confuses chi, and wealth prosperity and in turn opportunistic and luck.
Though if you have no choice simple feng shui cures like crystals and green plants help balance the energy.
All the Best from Rizwana!
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