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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gift Good Health this New Year with Feng Shui Health Cures 5 great feng shui health gifting options

Gift Good Health this New Year 2014
Gift  Health this new year with Feng Shui health cures , how to attract good health with feng shui, yes there are so many simple ways you can gift someone you love with the gift of good health. No I do not mean exercise equipment and weight loss capsules! Feng shui is all about harmony and balance and  feng shui masters have stressed that if the five elements, metal, water, wind, fire and earth are balanced in ones home, office and life in general then it is very easy to experience the gift of great health.
It is a fact that we see so many families suffer from either daily pains , aches, or chronic diseases and even having many things in life there is always the health that suffers and creates a vacuum in ones life. Friends, family,  colleagues, relatives you can gift good health feng shui cures gifts and spread the best gift of good health.
Jade Plant, feng shui money and good health plant
Good health as Gift has never been considered always the monetary, physical material things coming in limelight, but it surely is very important that you have great health to enjoy  life to fullest.
There are a   variety of things that you can gift to attract good health energy and the right placement will be  a positive energy booster.
5 great feng shui health gifting  options
1) Green has always been considered a symbol for good health. The color green symbolizes health and prosperity. For  your family gift, Painting a customized wall with sap green is quite soothing. A lime green wall will bring freshness and a darker green will highlight any artefacts and paintings.

2) Any clothing  in green be it a shirt, a top, a dress, or a saree,  a cushion or a  rug! A scarf  or a handkerchief as your budget permits , gift health and prosperity this new year, 2014.
3) Plants, a great feng shui symbol for prosperity and health. Real plants bouquet or silk  plants or a real potted plant gift,  green symbolizes great feng shui health energy.  And the receiver will continue to   get the dose of great health. Chinese bamboo has always ruled the top among feng shui good luck cures and still does. Jade plant, another great feng shui plant for attracting good health and prosperity.
Gift silk or real plants this new year

4) Green purses and green wallets, great gifting options,   green a symbol of wealth and prosperity is a great color for purses and will double the luck.
5) Paintings  , healing paintings, energy art can help to attract great health energy into your home and offices. Green colored paintings, landscape paintings, still life, floral paintings or green abstract paintings all have the green energy that helps to attract good health.
 Gift the best gift this new year 2014, gift of good health,
All health feng shui cures are best placed or hung on the east or south east wall or section of your home or office for best feng shui cure results.
Vibrant Abundance

Wings of Confidence

Always remember there  is no replacement  to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gifting a Ladies Purse or Wallet this New year consider these Feng Shui Tips

Gifting a purse or wallet this New year consider these Feng Shui Tips, give the best feng shui gift ladies hand bag, mens wallet,  a best feng shui gift this new year, a gift of prosperity and wealth.
Wallets and purses, ladies hand bags a symbol of prosperity ,wealth and money, gifting this would always bring a smile to any one and it is also a fact that purses and wallets are never out of fashion .  the more we have the more we can shuffle and use for any occasions and festivals.
feng shui gift purse wallet ideas and tip
Traditional Potli Purse
1) Buy a universal color or unique purse or wallet. This has more chances of making the recipient happy.  feng shui colors  for wealth, metal luck is black , dark blue, light blue or silver golden.Brown represents stability and green represents money!
Golden Clutch purse
2) Outlandish and funky designs ideas for purses and wallets may not go well with every age group. Consider the age, life style and relationship of the person you are going to gift the purse. Granny would not love the animal printed owl purse, and a teenager friend would not love the original leather stark black purse.
3)  wallets go well in universally accepted colors like black and brown.
Soft Pink Colored Ladies Purse
4) Buy good quality gift purse or wallet.
5) Always never give the wallet or purse empty to the recipient. Symbolize gifting wealth and money by adding a few coins or money cash in the gifted purse  or wallet.  Some people shy away from this as they feel they have to add a large sum of money only, but you may add a few  words along with the gift to  the recipient that this is a symbolic gesture  to never give purses empty. This will add a load full of wealth and prosperity good luck.
A great feng shui gift idea, gift prosperity and wealth luck, gifting purses, and we all know how they are always welcome!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Buy a Good Gift Feng Shui Wind Chime Selection Tips for Buying for Gift Feng Shui Wind Chime

How to  Buy a Good  Gift Feng Shui Wind Chime, will help you to select a great gift for your loved ones and friends.
 Selection Tips for Buying  for Gift Feng Shui Wind Chime
1) It is advisable that you buy a good quality feng shui wind chime  from a reputed gift shop or  a  reputed online feng shui gift shop. This will assure of the quality of the gift wind chime, that you are gifting.
2) It is also advisable that you know this person at least a little, many people have wind chimes all over their place and adding one  more may not be their cup of soup! no space to hang, your gift would not give them the happiness you wished for.
Gift Feng Shui Wind Chime Selection Tips
3) Buying a feng shui  wind chime for gift, select a material that balances all elements  and looks unique. This will sure be accepted as a welcoming gift because since all elements are present the recipient of this gift would have the flexibility to hang it in any place. In case the chime has only one or two elements  example wood then the right place to hang this would be south and south east only, whereas the metal chime would not be appropriate in the wealth sector, south as metal harms wood.
4) In case you are buying a feng shui gift wind chime from an online feng shui site, Do consider  buying your  gifts within the frame of time and enquire that your gift reach the receiver on time of the occasion or festival.
5)  If you are personally gifting the wind chime to a  friend , family, or colleague,do follow up with some friendly talk on how to hang, care and protect the important feng shui cure. This will help your relationships as well as open new doors or understanding, this is what happens when you gift feng shui cures.
How to buy gift good feng shui wind chime
Knowing about wind chimes helps a lot in understanding your life,  and environment. If they keep breaking the energy in the place is not good or the place too hang the chime needs to be changed,  it is not good to hang a chime in place which receives full blast of strong winds. so they are done with as cures, too much of negative energy has been absorbed by them. Breaking over time  of  a feng shui wind chime is not a good sign of energy around, breaking of a wind chime. In case you have broken chimes you may assemble the ones good into another new fancy wind chime, or replace it and buy a new feng shui wind chime.

Gift a good quality feng shui wind chime this season and this can be gifted to anyone, be it your Family, friends, boss or colleagues.
Good luck, prosperity, health, wealth, relationships, travel luck, education luck, just about any aspect of life can be easily healed with positive energy using a feng shui wind chime.

All the Best!

Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Care for Feng Shui Goodluck Bamboo Plant and how to keep feng shui bamboo plant healthy

Feng shui goodluck plant, a well known feng shui cure plant to attract wealth and prosperity is seen in many homes. Usually a gifted  plant , many people really don't know how to keep the bamboo plant green and healthy and most often the plant dies off .

I have seen many people who are unable to take care of  their bamboo plants when   at other places it is the most easiest and strong plants to grow by anyone.  What is the secret to grow healthy feng shui bamboo plants will  be shared here.
Feng Shui Simple Cures by Rizwana

The feng shui wealth and good luck plant, Chinese Bamboo plant is the most neglected cures in feng shui, though being one of the best wealth good luck cures.

1)  If you have been gifted with a feng shui bamboo plant remember to water it regularly. Clean the water everytime  you  see it become muddy or the container looking foggy, this is sign of rotting roots which are best removed soon from the water to  avoid damage to your  other shoots of bamboo plant.
 2)  Just like any other plant  even  the Chinese good luck bamboo plant needs some indirect light or partial sunlight to grow healthy. In the office or indoors you can keep the plant near some source of artificial lights also for it to be happy.
3) Dried shoots and leaves  need to be  removed and trimmed to keep the water fresh other wise there is root rot and the whole bamboo shoots die off one by one rotting. 
4) grow them with some sticks or support to give them proper shape or tie them with red  thread or ribbon for them to grow healthy. This will also bring in fire element in this complete feng shui cure.
5) There are no rules in growing the feng shui good luck bamboo plant in a particular container or water only  for this cure to work. It is advisable to keep it in glass bowls, add stones, earth energy, water for wealth luck and red ribbon for fire energy into this feng shui cure.  But in case you are not successful with this type of growth,  It is also okay to grow chinese bamboo good luck plants in soil.
Feng Shui Money Luck Bamboo Plant

If you are not able to grow plants do not use this cure as dried plants produce lots of negative shar energy and keeping dried bamboo plants just because it was a gift may attract negative energy into your life, as if you are staying with a dead body.
 All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Feng Shui Simple Cures, like, share, comment for the love of Feng Shui!
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