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Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Care for Your Feng Shui Crystal Cures and Purifying feng shui crystals tips

Crystals are very often used as feng shui cures and people buy big costly crystals in pink, green, blue or colorless sparkling  crystals are very good feng shui cures to heal relationships and attract career luck. A crystal placed in many areas adds that sparkling positive energy to enliven any space. But over time these crystal feng shui cures cease to bring any energy, how to care for your feng shui crystals so that they keep working  for you.

Open crystals accumulate dust and grime and are also at risk of cracking, breaking or chipping. Even if you have kept the crystals in glass cases they need cleaning and purifying form time to time.  We  see many people have built in glass  shelves or boxes in their wall units and bedrooms to display feng shui crystal cures. This is a good idea since the crystals are protected from daily dust and grime.
Crystal wind chimes are the most hit badly as they hang in the air and are exposed to wind, dust and light.  There are also risk of crystal chimes banging with someone, or any furniture, chipping and breaking.

Protect your feng shui crystals for them to keep working as  cures  for you. Those crystals that are not covered example placed in the car, also need  to be cleaned  and kept shiny. Feng shui small crystals with specific purposes can be cleaned  with very very mild salt water and then fresh water. A little bit or early morning sun along with the intentions put up will keep your feng shui crystal cure energised and keep  working for you.
Crystals work following the principle of reflecting light and thus energizing the area they are kept in.
Clean them with soft muslin cloth. Avoid harsh abrasive cloths or mops to clean the delicate feng shui crystals. You must also be careful to avoid using soaps and detergents as they will totally spoil the crystals and they will loose their shine.

A mild liquid cleaner added  to water, or special cleaner liquid for crystals only,  can help remove stubborn stains on your crystal chandeliers and artefacts or crystal sculptures.
Dull, broken, chipped crystals will cease  to give the feng shui cure results if they are dirty and foggy in appearance. Keep them clean and shiny and let the feng shui magic keep working for you in all aspects of your life, be it relationships, fame, helpful friends  or travel  and wealth luck.
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere  effort, for everything else  there is feng shui.
All the Best!

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