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Monday, December 16, 2013

How to Care for Feng Shui Goodluck Bamboo Plant and how to keep feng shui bamboo plant healthy

Feng shui goodluck plant, a well known feng shui cure plant to attract wealth and prosperity is seen in many homes. Usually a gifted  plant , many people really don't know how to keep the bamboo plant green and healthy and most often the plant dies off .

I have seen many people who are unable to take care of  their bamboo plants when   at other places it is the most easiest and strong plants to grow by anyone.  What is the secret to grow healthy feng shui bamboo plants will  be shared here.
Feng Shui Simple Cures by Rizwana

The feng shui wealth and good luck plant, Chinese Bamboo plant is the most neglected cures in feng shui, though being one of the best wealth good luck cures.

1)  If you have been gifted with a feng shui bamboo plant remember to water it regularly. Clean the water everytime  you  see it become muddy or the container looking foggy, this is sign of rotting roots which are best removed soon from the water to  avoid damage to your  other shoots of bamboo plant.
 2)  Just like any other plant  even  the Chinese good luck bamboo plant needs some indirect light or partial sunlight to grow healthy. In the office or indoors you can keep the plant near some source of artificial lights also for it to be happy.
3) Dried shoots and leaves  need to be  removed and trimmed to keep the water fresh other wise there is root rot and the whole bamboo shoots die off one by one rotting. 
4) grow them with some sticks or support to give them proper shape or tie them with red  thread or ribbon for them to grow healthy. This will also bring in fire element in this complete feng shui cure.
5) There are no rules in growing the feng shui good luck bamboo plant in a particular container or water only  for this cure to work. It is advisable to keep it in glass bowls, add stones, earth energy, water for wealth luck and red ribbon for fire energy into this feng shui cure.  But in case you are not successful with this type of growth,  It is also okay to grow chinese bamboo good luck plants in soil.
Feng Shui Money Luck Bamboo Plant

If you are not able to grow plants do not use this cure as dried plants produce lots of negative shar energy and keeping dried bamboo plants just because it was a gift may attract negative energy into your life, as if you are staying with a dead body.
 All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. Hi mam,
    Just curious to it ok to have more than one figurines/symbols at the wealth sector to attract wealth?

  2. Hello Priya thank you for coming by at feng shui simple cures. yes it is fine to display many types of symbols for attracting wealth. But these symbols should not be very over powering in the room.
    Hope this helps.
    Take Care!

  3. Thanks a lot mam..Advance Happy New Year to you and your family members ...
    Take Care mam,

  4. Hello Priya Wishing you too and your family a Great New Year, All the Best! Take Care and God Bless!

  5. hi recently i got a feng shui wall painting of 3 bamboo strands, so would like to know where should i place this wall hanging in my house to get its effect..

  6. Hello Sinu welcome to Feng Shui Simple Cures. Green plant or Bamboo paintings go well for the east or south east, but this all depends upon what type of benefit you would like your painting to give you and your family, so these are then placed in that area with the balancing of the type of element the area corresponds to.
    Hope this helps
    Take Care and All the Best!


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