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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Simple Tips for Caring for feng shui Cure paintings

 Feng shui cure paintings are seen in every home today with the fashion fad and the turn towards magical cures in life feng shui cures are plenty seen in every home. But over the years the wear and tear of many cures is never considered.
Once bought these feng shui cure paintigns sometimes  are in dirt and broken and still in the same place. No wonder  it attracts more dust, shar energy than benefit you in any way.
here I show two important feng shui cures that have been sued in every home  and what to do, how to care for your feng shui cures.
 Feng shui paintings must be kept clean by dusting and cleaning with soft muslin cloth. Glass frames act as mirrors and the same feng shui rules apply here also. 
Cracked, chipped glass or broken frames must be replaced. 

Dirty glass affects the visual impact of your feng shui paintings and makes a overall dull vision to life. 
Dust, spider webs and coatings of oils  , especially paintings hung near kitchen start to look dull and loose its shine. 
Caring for your feng shui  paintings will help keep the positive energy moving towards you.
Feng Shui Simple Cures Wealth Money luck Painting by Rizwana

Feng shui is all about harmony , happiness and balance and by taking proper care of your feng shui cures paintings  you keep the magic in your life alive!

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