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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Bells in Feng Shui Cures Use and Symbolism of Sound in feng Shui

Bells, sound can be effectively usued a s feng shui cures for purifying negtaive energy and attracting new positive energy. Air, stagnant air and negative environment can be effectively purified with use of sound in feng shui.
There are feng shui bells, the Tibetan bell that produces echo sound with vibrations of the gong. this is a very beautiful feng shui cure and sound can be very effectively sued in every home irrespective of the religion. Even small bells available for puja will work in the same way  ,  purify your space and attract positivity and wealth.
Bells, metal bells used as feng shui cures over the  inside of doors for wealth luck often may rust, break or even get stolen.   In any case replace them or if  they fall off or have the fear of getting stolen again try to avoid using this cure.Never let dust or cobwebs surround feng shui bells tied with red ribbon to your door handles.
Bells as Feng Shui  simple cures

Never over do this feng shui cure with putting loud music or religious chants in full volume, in aim  to remove negative energy, remember feng shui is all about harmony and balance The soothing sounds in sequence type will be great feng shui cure but lond music or ringing of the bell will make the environment tense and everyone surrounded  by this sound will have the feeling of living on the edge.
Bells hung on the main door, inside, are effective cures to attract wealth and money luck into your home.
Thank You!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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