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Saturday, December 14, 2013

How to Care for Feng Shui Good Luck Ship of Prosperity

Feng Shui Good Luck Ship, the ship of prosperity one of the most famous feng shui cures for wealth, comes in metal , plastic, ceramic , wood also. Acrylic and plastic ships may break with a accidental fall, crack, get chipped is a bad sign. 

Buy good quality feng shui metal prosperity ships and keep them shiny and clean. Avoid keeping empty prosperity ships, have seen a ship where the jar of lucky coins broke and only the shell of the feng shui ship remained, it is better to part with this broken ship as this may lead to ill luck and lead to sudden unexpected losses in wealth.
Feng shui simple cures wealth lucky ship

Good luck ship of prosperity feng  shui simple cures

Always keep on checking the ship for any breaks, chips and keep it clean  and shiny.
Dust accumulated, cobwebs, insects or fillies will symbolize in attracting more negative energy to your wealth   and money affecting adversely your finances. 
You may also add artificial coins, colored stones, or colorful  gemstones here to symbolize wealth. But always keep them dust free, and shiny, avoid breaking, chipping and rusting.
All the Best!

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