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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gift Good Health this New Year with Feng Shui Health Cures 5 great feng shui health gifting options

Gift Good Health this New Year 2014
Gift  Health this new year with Feng Shui health cures , how to attract good health with feng shui, yes there are so many simple ways you can gift someone you love with the gift of good health. No I do not mean exercise equipment and weight loss capsules! Feng shui is all about harmony and balance and  feng shui masters have stressed that if the five elements, metal, water, wind, fire and earth are balanced in ones home, office and life in general then it is very easy to experience the gift of great health.
It is a fact that we see so many families suffer from either daily pains , aches, or chronic diseases and even having many things in life there is always the health that suffers and creates a vacuum in ones life. Friends, family,  colleagues, relatives you can gift good health feng shui cures gifts and spread the best gift of good health.
Jade Plant, feng shui money and good health plant
Good health as Gift has never been considered always the monetary, physical material things coming in limelight, but it surely is very important that you have great health to enjoy  life to fullest.
There are a   variety of things that you can gift to attract good health energy and the right placement will be  a positive energy booster.
5 great feng shui health gifting  options
1) Green has always been considered a symbol for good health. The color green symbolizes health and prosperity. For  your family gift, Painting a customized wall with sap green is quite soothing. A lime green wall will bring freshness and a darker green will highlight any artefacts and paintings.

2) Any clothing  in green be it a shirt, a top, a dress, or a saree,  a cushion or a  rug! A scarf  or a handkerchief as your budget permits , gift health and prosperity this new year, 2014.
3) Plants, a great feng shui symbol for prosperity and health. Real plants bouquet or silk  plants or a real potted plant gift,  green symbolizes great feng shui health energy.  And the receiver will continue to   get the dose of great health. Chinese bamboo has always ruled the top among feng shui good luck cures and still does. Jade plant, another great feng shui plant for attracting good health and prosperity.
Gift silk or real plants this new year

4) Green purses and green wallets, great gifting options,   green a symbol of wealth and prosperity is a great color for purses and will double the luck.
5) Paintings  , healing paintings, energy art can help to attract great health energy into your home and offices. Green colored paintings, landscape paintings, still life, floral paintings or green abstract paintings all have the green energy that helps to attract good health.
 Gift the best gift this new year 2014, gift of good health,
All health feng shui cures are best placed or hung on the east or south east wall or section of your home or office for best feng shui cure results.
Vibrant Abundance

Wings of Confidence

Always remember there  is no replacement  to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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Feng Shui Cures Paintings


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