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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to balance feng shui elements in your footwear Feng Shui Rules for Buying Right Footwear

How to balance feng shui elements in your footwear Feng Shui Rules for every aspect in your life have been mentioned time and again but hardly do we pay importance on our footwear.  Your footwear is alos one of the tinhgs that can either increase your energy or drain your energy if it is not right.
Designer Fancy Wedges Shoes

Fancy Designer Footwear
 Feng Shui Rules for Buying Right Footwear Simple Tips given here will guide you to choose the right type of footwear and give your feet happy positive energy.
When one thinks of feng shui we know it is all about harmony and balance, the first picture coming to our mind, a feng shui footwear , maybe boring, simple, and out of fashion, plain looking.
This is not the truth.
There are many designer footwear that have been made especially to cater to our comforts and life styles, and even the humble slippers have gone an immense makeover.
1) Buy the right fit, very very very important. Neither a bit loose nor a bit tight, get the perfect fit. And yes the myth that your footwear will get loose after a few wears, no the time gone by for trying this out will give you some great painful sores over your feet!
Fancy Decent Elegant Golden Heel Footwear
2) Consider buying footwear according to your life style. Trekking is not done with wearing stilettos and walking the ramp is neither good with box type shoes! The profession and your living style, buy accordingly.
Simple Chappals ecofriendly
3) Heels, we all love, but the right size is very important. feng shui is about balance. A few inches high heel will give you an elegant poise and style but a much higher stilettos , you will need the extra care and energy while walking. Thus wasting precious energy on your footwear.
4) No wonder platform heels are ruling today because of the balanced heel right from front to back of your footwear. Balanced and give grip to the feet as well as increase your height by quite a few inches!
Fancy Flip Flops
5) Feng shui footwear is easy to get today, has all the elements of wood, fire , metal, water and earth.
For the Wood element-color brown as in heels or even now we get heels made of wood, great!
Fancy Designer Womens Platform heel Shoes in Blue 
Fire- Color red gives us the fire element of feng shui. Any triangular shaped embellishments in red also work wonders for fire element.
Earth- Color brown in any form, golden , green, embellishments or sequins. Square shaped additions balance this element.
Water- Blue purple in any for and zig zag patterns give a boost to this element in your footwear.
Metal- Purple, grey, silver gold, most of the designer footwears are available in these fancy colors and embellishments to make the metal element in your footwear strong.
Consideri8ng these few simple tips you can get a perfect balanced designer footwear that is completely in harmony with elements, comfortable and easy to care, feng shui footwear, and improves your spirits! this is most important you must love what you wear.
Have a Great 2014! Wishing all our readers of Feng Shui Simple Cures a Great Successful Happy 2014, May All your Dreams come true!
Always remember there is no replacement to hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!All the Best!


  1. Actually, I was trying to balance all the elements but I don't know how to do it. It's a good thing that I asked a feng shui master to help me.

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