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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Fifth Wall and Feng Shui Tips to use the fifth wall in your home for feng shui benefits

Fifth wall of your home and office, feng shui has been discussed with important feng shui cures for the home and office. We often neglect the most important part of the home, the fifth wall. That is the ceilings and flooring of your home and office. Feng shui can be effectively used to attract good health, wealth and prosperity for your floor and ceiling to get positive energy benefits from the fifth wall of your home and office.
Flooring Feng Shui
Flooring today has immense options from tiles to carpets and even wood has been found to be sued as flooring. With the strength of marble, stones and ceramic tiles in a variety of patterns and designs one can define areas of each activity in home or office and thus focus the feng shui energy there. Good health , by use of wood element can be incorporated by laying wooden tiles and carpets that balance the element wood into your life. Wooden flooring is very beneficial and it has great health benefits to walk on wood, as humans are made to be near nature, wood, this element helps to harmonize and balance earth energy. Thus promoting good health to you and  in your family.

Elegant Fancy Floor Coverings

Colorful carpets for Floorings

Ceilings can also be decorated to appear bright, and spacious. False ceilings help to control not only the heat aspect but also beautify and increase a feeling of space in your homes. Light colors use don ceilings help to create a feeling of more space and openness in the family. Glass ceiling designs and artificial lighting can help to beautify the fifth wall effectively and promote peace and harmony into your home.
Simple feng shui tips for ceilings and flooring the fifth wall-
1) Do not use red color on your flooring or ceilings. Red color symbolizes fire element and gives a feeling of your family and house under fire.
Red colored flooring gives a feeling of irritability and family under constant pressure as if they are walking on fire.
Wall Paper Designs for Ceilings
2) Do not use blue color for flooring or ceiling, blue symbolizes water , the north. Having water above your head in feng Shui symbolizes extra financial pressures and may also lead to be in debt or financial crises. So also the floors in blue will symbolize people walking on water, they may be inconstant fear as if always having to walk carefully in life.
3) Avoid full black flooring as this makes space to appear smaller. This will give a feeling of walls coming too close, a feeling of discomfort and narrowness. Ceilings in full black must be avoided for the same reason.
Marble Wooden Design Flooring
4) Avoid having too much dark color on ceilings as the ceilings represent sky and this is free, open space and freedom. Dark colors break the harmony of this space and create an opposite energy.
5) Pastel shades of blue, cream, whites are great for ceilings, beign more near to natural elemnts of air and sky.

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