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Friday, August 26, 2016

Increase your work output Performance with Feng Shui How to benefit maximum from Energy of any space with Feng Shui

Maximum benefit from any space, people who struggle to work, and find their productivity low, can apply simple Feng Shui tips to improve productivity at work. Work performance, productivity, results, there are times when even after all the planning and working hard things don't work out in your favor. people keep struggling to perform better but with hardly any drastic results.
Exuberant Contentment Rizwana A. Mundewadi

Spiritual Elegance Razarts

Antique Ceramic Lucky Pot Rizwana A
Check the Feng Shui of the space, energy blockages are one of the reasons for lowered productivity and performance at work and studies. Clutter clear the space and keep the space purified and fresh with fresh energy and air.
While reading the Feng Shui theory understand that every space has an energy of its own. This we call Feng Shui of the space, while we try to balance this with Feng Shui cures and elements energy there is a latent Feng Shui energy of every space.
Here this we call the lucky corner, the prosperity sector and your lucky spot!
you will find that you are more comfortable in this space, your work focus increases and your deliver better performance and results at work. Of course if you find this spot, then you are very lucky, and when you activate this space with the strong dominating element cures, again the energy and your luck is multiplied manifolds.
Similarly when the space is lagging in Feng Shui energy, you will try to add up some simple Feng Shui cures but it may or may not show you drastic results. This latent energy of the space must and can be used to assist you for a better life and future.
Here comes your decision for choosing a new home, a new work space and a shop, office, work furniture etc. The very important decision that will have an influence on your life and future is the space you choose. And then after the new space find the place where you feel most active, productive , activate this with Feng Shui enhancers, and then see the miracles of Feng Shui!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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working on my Kundalini Awakening Collection, while on this spiritual journey of The Red Pilgrim, as i continue to paint healing art...enjoying every bit !

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