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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Which Feng Shui Paintings to Display in Bedroom Careful of Art in Bedroom Relationships and Family Happiness Feng Shui Important Tips

Family happiness, healthy relationships and marital happiness, these are some very important aspects of life which when not balanced keeps one incomplete. No amount of money can buy you family love, happiness,and respect. While people keep struggling with relationships at home this also influences office and work , reducing your work performance and output.
Art on your walls has great symbolism and Feng Shui energy which hardly is given a thought. Yes, people just buy any painting and hang them in bedroom, most of times over the head rest area that affects very strongly family life and emotions of the couple staying there.
Encircled Love Rizwana A.Mundewadi

Feng Shui Bedroom Paintings (Sold) 

Romantic Expressions a Reiki Symbol Abstract Razarts
1) Astrological signs, zodiac symbols and images of broken subjects all can effect your life. If confusing it will bring confusion to your life.
2) While also figurative, couples, love paintings depicting storms, rains,  dark backgrounds are not good, as they unknowingly attracts stormy relationships and misunderstandings.
3) We also see a lot of people hanging abstract art in bedrooms. Abstract art confuses and does not have a clear message. If it is spiritual abstract hang them in north east which helps focus on life goals, but not bedroom.
4) Sharp shapes images and pointed objects in art,  even if it is a spiky tree, in a happy landscape will show its effects on your relationships sending shar energy.
5) If you have three, triple number images, like three people this is the most dangerous subject for bedroom paintings. More so if you hang this in south west this will bring serious troubling energy for the couple.
6) Avoid dark colours and especially black paintings for bedroom.
7) Try to have a pair of paintings, this brings a beautiful love energy. Two frames of whatever happy love subjects you choose brings Feng Shui energy for pairs.
8) Choose art that you both love. Most , Most important, while selection of art for bedroom , always, I repeat always, go for paintings that you both love and not just one spouse making decision here.
Hope this helps!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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