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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Are You Stopping Your Wealth Some Important Feng Shui Scientific reasons for hurdles in wealth Money luck

Are You Stopping Your Wealth  ? this is the first question I ask, yes, do give this a thought! after so many people inquiring about wealth cures, right placement and selection of feng shui cures is very important , and people still  wonder why things are not working for them!
Ba Gua Luck Feng Shui Paintings

You buy objects and place them with mind full of doubts, here is your first loss!
then you keep sharing this topic with each and every one you meet, your second loss!
and finally you doubt that you deserve wealth, final loss! No cure will work for you!
Feng Shui is a science of placement of furniture and objects in harmony with nature. following the principles of elements Feng Shui Masters try to harmonize these elements by either down playing them or activating them to benefit the people staying there. Once the elements are in harmony life becomes smooth and easy. There is also an important role of your intentions and attitude of your family that matters. As every emotion , a positive or negative has influence on the results with your feng shui cures.
People, while you do want wealth,are you prepared for wealth, do you really want wealth,a s many people when I advice about the cures hardly read my answers and still go on repeating the same old stories, of wealth draining ,losses in businesses and past failures!
If you are willing to try Feng shui with an open mind it can create miracles! Your "BUT" is the reason for the financial losses and hurdles even after feng shuing your place with simple cures. You yourself are the first reason to stop the incoming of wealth in your life. You are not convinced that you deserve wealth, so try to change your beliefs and thoughts first, the rest luck will follow.  If you say, we tried this and that and that and still the problem persists,and that you cant do this, or you are not qualified, then you need to change the situation gradually in the way you can, the Universe assists those who try.   well you need to sit and meditate for few minutes every day to get hang of your life and your finances and after that take decision to act!  dreams and wealth does not come for those who sleep over their dreams. The Universe blesses those who dream and are willing to work hard  towards fulfilling their dreams, Feng Shui Healing energies help assist and flare up this energy for your benefit and once activated you will love this! as say the many happy people who have applied Feng Shui in their life!
Some Important Feng Shui Wealth Enhancing Suggestions-
1) Open you heart and  accept the past situations, There are always lessons from the Universe.
2) Stop repeating past failures the moment you decide to try feng shui for wealth.
3) Clutter free all spaces.
4) Activate wealth and prosperity corners first and then also try to add up Feng shui cures for all sectors, as wealth is linked with every other sector of your life.
5) Stop sharing and discussing Feng Shui cures with everyone.
6) Love your Feng Shui cures, they will love you manifolds back!choose them carefully, only those you are comfortable with and connect with.
7) The Universe has everything in Abundance but it blesses only the ones who work towards this.
8) Begin a fresh, and remove symbols of past failures as you will get stuck with the same thoughts of wealth loss.
9) All sectors need to be in harmony, so just a wind chime or a single horse painting may not give you instant results!Try to hit the hammer at once for all sectors!here the advice from your Feng Shui consultant will help, do check out a choose a reputed Feng Shui  consultant and Healer.
There is also a factor of past lives karmic blocks that need to be tackled for the wealth flow to open up in your life.
Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is Feng Shui!
Hope this helps, and Really Wishing for Your Best, Hope this helps!
Awesum Day from Rizwana!
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