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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Feng Shui for Face Wealth and Prosperity Blocks Skin Tags and Moles on Face and feng Shui Tips

Feng shui advisers lay a lot of importance on skin , dark circles under the eyes and skin tags and moles on your body as they are linked to your prosperity luck. Your body has unknown hidden centers of good luck hence you must take care of it. Skin tags and moles on the face not only lower your self confidence but can also sometimes make people  feel aloof and shy. You try to avoid public functions and not only does this affect your academic performance in case of students,  but also your job opportunities and performance at work is affected adversely. Directly this links to the wealth coming into your life. 
Your face, is your business card and having a mole or skin tag here may immediately repel the viewer, or unconsciously they see the mole at first sight and cannot focus on your resume or work profile. 'Be in pink of health' is  important for success and many people are now going in for curing pimples, facial skin tags and moles. Oh, Yes the skin care industry is booming and all face clinics are full of no nylon elite clientele but also ordinary people going in for surgeries to improve and beautify skin. 
Feng shui lays importance on healthy skin and avoid dark circles under the eye for success and prosperity.
From the healing perspective, Moles sometimes have been linked to past karmic issues , financial or emotional which have been carried from past lives into this life. They not only take your energy emotionally but also create blocks in progress and present karma. Feng shui also has certain places on the body where moles should not be seen. On the face, especially tip of nose, near the eye or eye lid. On other parts of the body especially on the bottom side where you sit is the most unluckiest portion which when having a skin tag or mole will block your prosperity and wealth luck. Surgical removal of moles and skin tags have become very easy and cheap. So if your feng shui consultant suggests you place importance on that skin tag do consider surgical removal of the skin tag or mole from your face.

From medical point of view also doctors and surgeons suggest surgical removal of skin tags and moles as they may become cancerous and lead to fatal diseases. Any area of your body having a skin tag or mole needs observation, whether it is growing in size, becoming darker in colour or itchy or puss formation on the mole or side of the mole then immediate surgical help is required to check whether the  mole is malignant or cancerous.So such complications in health may also arise with skin tags and moles.

Many cases after surgical removal of moles and skin tags have showed immense drastically improved progress in life, financially and emotionally. The removal of moles from your face immediately unlocks the potential good luck chi that had been blocked since your birth and opens new door of opportunities to success and wealth.
Face Feng shui is one aspect of Feng Shui that will help unlock financial blocks and improve confidence and relationships. 
Contemporary Healing Art Rizwana Mundewadi
All the Best from Rizwana!
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