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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Feng Shui Mirror Cure Gone Wrong in Shops Driving away wealth from shops with mirrors

Feng Shui Mirror Cure Gone Wrong!  driving away wealth from shops with mirrors has become one that I see in so many places and people complain that feng shui is not working!
Shops who are using feng shui cure mirror to multiply wealth and business luck , some important careful feng shui tips here for hanging mirrors in shops  .
1) Opposite to the main door mirror, multiplies wealth and customers. But also drives away wealth and customers if it is on road.
2) Check the view in the mirror of your shop reflecting. It will multiply everything, so not only customers but also dried tree, broken pipes, drains, garbage bins, just whatever is seen in it.
3) If the cashier sits opposite the main door, as the wealth is seen coming in so also it is reflected going out.
4) If the opposite shop wall is reflected in your just be careful of the images.  If it is a toys shop, medical shop, hospital or plastics , see that it does not clash with your business items. Like if you sell flowers the opposite shop must not be of elements that clash with earth.
5) If wealth is not coming in check the mirrors for faults, sometimes it  is concave, distorted or cracked, even a minor crack can affect your business, customers and wealth.
Feng shui cures are really very simple and very effective but simple things going wrong can affect the feng shui of your life. use with care and positive intentions.
Hope this Helps!
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All the Best from Rizwana!
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