Saturday, February 4, 2017

Most Strongest Feng Shui Wealth Cure Chinese Gold Coins Add Up Strong Feng Shui Money Cures for Money Flow

Most strongest wealth cures in feng Shui, that have never let anyone down, if added with positive intentions and love are the beautiful Chinese Gold coins. The Chinese Gold coins, preferably antique have strong energy and are great as feng shui welath cures.
Gold Coins Goodluck Rizwana Mundewadi

Gold Fishes of Wealth Rizwana Mundewadi

Green Luck Rizwana Mundewadi

Green Luck Tote

Gold Coins Luck throw Pillows Razarts

Pomegranates of Feng Shui Luck Bedroom painting 

The Leader Fish Art Printed Tote Rizwana Mundewadi

Window of Goodluck Rizwana M

Amazing Feng Shui Luck razarts

Green Success Chinese symbol Feng Shui Art Printed Tote Razarts

Leap of Prosperity Black Horse razarts
Coins can be added in particular number tied with red ribbon to activate wealth sector in feng shui. Inspired by the Feng Shui goodluck coins and their Awesum wealth results , this original painting, hand made has all the elements of goodluck. Wealth sector in feng shui can be activated with actual coins, money,  the element metal. Then also the sweetest fruits oranges have great symbolism in feng shui and Orange trees loaded with fruits symbolize abundance and prosperity in that house.
Chinese symbols, my loved and precious symbols, each character in Chinese has loads of depth and meanings, symbolism. For my healing artworks these words, especially wealth,  do not just mean cash and money, they are wealth in all sectors of life.
There are so many ways to activate wealth and if the wealth sector falls in bedroom, this happens to be a tricky part to use feng shui cures for wealth. and you cannot place green pants you can have green paintings of leaves that symbolize wealth. Instead of having water for career and opportunities luck you can have gold coins paintings to activate this sector.
Begin the New Year 2017 with Awesum energy artworks and let feng shui bring prosperity in your home and your life!
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All the Best from Rizwana!
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