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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Why do heart shaped paintings and heart shaped Valentine's day gifts not work their charm or magic in your love life? Symbolism of Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Gifts

Why do heart shaped paintings and heart shaped Valentine's day gifts not work their charm or magic in your love life?
Hearts Single Hearts Pair of Hearts Cracked Hearts Broken Hearts , you see hearts everywhere and this Season of Love continues not just for the
Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Gifts, but also for special people's birthdays, Marriage anniversaries and first love dating couples.
While we see an overflow of heart shapes everywhere from heart prints greeting cards, to pendants to rings and pillows and hand bags, pens,  and lots more.
Two Hearts One Love 
There have been artists who have painted Hearts and many hearts,and as also the heart shape brings a special bonding as heart is the most vital organ of our body so also emotions of artist are expressed in their art with heart shaped paintings.
From the Feng Shui point of view heart shape has strong symbolism and gifting some loved one heart shaped paintings, or products has strong symbolic value and meanings. It is easy to choose heart shapes, and usually pair of hearts and gift it conveying your emotions and love feelings and true love promise. yet unknowingly some people seem to share of break ups soon or loss of love in their relationships.
Sernya The Vase of Goodluck

Happy Hearts

Romantic Expressions

Rose Quartz and Serenity Love Happens

Angel Wings

Pink Hearts

Why do these heart shaped paintings and heart shaped Valentine's day gifts not work their charm or magic in your love life?
Buying Heart shaped gifts or paintings-
1) See that the hearts in the love paintings are complete.
2) see that the backgrounds are not cloudy and stormy, it attracts storms in relationships.
3) take care to see that the hearts do not have other people in the paintings, this brings third person entry in relationships.
4) While the most romantic paintings of couples have rains and storms with couple walking with umbrella choose these artworks carefully. It may represent strong and rains, always in your relationships. which is not such a good feng shui as you will always feel the task uphill to keep the love alive.
5)  Fire in any form in paintings is better to be avoided just like storms and rains. Because fire as it represents fire of love emotions, but when hung in wrong places can attract destruction and lead to ashes in relationships.
6) Dried trees, leafless trees and barren mountains as backgrounds for heart shaped paintings are seriously bad feng shui. The relationship always seems to attract hurdles and trials and it becomes difficult to maintain the love for long.
7) Bedroom energy feng shui is always to have things in pairs. If you can buy pair of paintings for bedrooms. This also symbolizes love energy. If there are two hearts in one painting do not buy this in pairs as it will make four hearts/ people that is not good for bedroom feng shui.  Heart shaped paintings are best for bedrooms and relationship sectors.
Happy Valentine's Day from Rizwana to You and Yours!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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