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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Feng Shui Wealth Cure Paintings Best Feng shui Painting to Attract Wealth 7 Most Common Mistakes in Choosing Art

Feng Shui Money Bag
 Art , feng shui paintings can be used to attract wealth and have been one of the easiest and strongest feng shui wealth cures to activate feng shui wealth sector without much hassles and care or maintenance.
Chocolatey Birds
 A feng shui wealth cure painting , if hung in the proper direction activates your wealth and prosperity sector and opens way for abundance and money flow into your life.
While we see a whole lot of websites showing and selling very cheap feng shui paintings and posters  for goodluck one must take note of a few points while selection of these wealth cure feng shui paintings. Sharing three most important points you must consider while choosing and buying feng shui cure wealth paintings for your home and work space.
1)The most common mistake , people go to visit any unqualified master and buy large artworks with a huge sum of money and then with these overwhelming images of idols or religious images they are so uncomfortable to stay with they feel restless and the whole home energy becomes imbalanced. I have seen people going haywire and even broken homes, in the pathway to attract wealth with such pieces, sad, can't do much , unless the Universe chooses for them to connect. Only buy those feng shui cure paintings that connect with you. you have to be comfortable with the art for you to see the results. Just buying a cheaper art print or poster and hanging them for attraction wealth, remember the universe gives out what you put forthe. If you half heatedly put a feng shui wealth cure painting poster or free printed version it may not show you any results. Love your feng shui wall art and the feng shui cure paintings will work wonders for your wealth sector.
Mesmerizing Triple Luck
2) Many people buy any landscape paintings and hang them in east for activation of  wealth which may be gloomy, dark and have stormy weather with rains. Single birds are also not advised, sun sets and night paintings must be avoided in all terms for feng shui wealth sector even if you like them a lot.
3) money wealth does not like to be alone. Always remember two, pair, couple, of any feng shui cures. In fact I advise to hang a pair of framed paintings for best results. Choose paintings in pairs for faster wealth results
4) Then also people hang abstract paintings in name of feng shui wealth cure paintings, complete abstracts are bit tricky from feng shui point of view. Even though they may be of bright colours, they may have no symbolism or focus direction. There is no clear cut message to the brain. The Universe loves clear messages and symbols to attract abundance.
5) While choosing feng shui wealth cure paintings think about the element of this sector. While earth and greenery is best people buy sharp peaked mountains, strong Niagara water falls and even some end up choosing black or white horses galloping freely in all directions! ALL BECAUSE THEY LOVE HORSES! No wonder  wealth seems to grow haphazardly and also returns from their income sources are not regular.
Blue Antique Pot of Abundance
6) Most common mistake in choosing feng shui wealth cure paintings, people buy floral paintings. each flower has its own symbolism and this may be a good choice for north east sector but if you wish to activate wealth feng shui then think and choose art carefully. Most flowers are either symbolic of love energy or soothing peaceful energy , and this type of yin energy is not such a great one for wealth, which need strong yang energy to flow in your life.

Turquoise Antique Pot of Symbols
 7) Activating feng shui wealth, only wealth sector may not be the complete solution to your money wealth issues. You may need to bring a harmonious relationship with the other feng shui sectors also to open the Universal blessings of wealth in your life. The most common mistake , people buy a feng shui painting for wealth and then expect fast results when they have leakages all over their home, dripping taps, choked drains and dark entrance!I always advice them to first activate at least two to three main sectors that brings great feng shui and even eases out the other sectors for a harmonious welcome to wealth in their lives. My best results have come about with at least three sectors activated with feng shui cure paintings and happy with the results. From over the years with feng shui there are three most important sectors to which wealth coming in is directly influenced so only activating wealth sector may not show you quick changes, and we all know, today, time is money!
Go with your heart and buy those that you love and connect with.Before investing in some feng shui cure paintings do read a bit about how feng shui works, what you need to consider and then go ahead and add up some original healing feng shui paintings and see how beautifully all falls into place! Always remember there is no replacement for hard sincere effort, for everything else there is feng shui!
Thank you very much for coming by Feng Shui- Simple Cures!
All the Best from Rizwana!
Absolute Abundance!
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