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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Types of Wind Chime as Feng Shui Cures

Ceramic wind chime for Helpful Friends
 Feng shui has been followed by many over the years and even now people of all religions try our the feng shui cures for betterment in business, health and relationships. Wind chimes are one of the simplest and easiest cures in feng shui that can be used by anyone. They have umpteen benefits and can be used as cures for so many aspects.
Wind chimes are made of different materials and placement of these wind chimes depends totally upon the problems in one's life and the material with which it is made. They have a soothing sound and make pleasant sounds with the movement of the wind. Wind chimes can be hung in any area which has stagnating energy or whichever area that needs more chi.

Metal Wind Chime North West
 Metal wind chimes are usually hung in the north west corner of your living room for improving luck of getting helpful friends. This directly affects your career opportunities and also increments and rise in present job.
Wind chime in Feng Shui

Wind Chimes for Money Luck
 The wind chimes market has become very customized and you get different wind chimes of symbols and materials. The most common and best cure is the money luck wind chime. This wind chime has metal coins tied together along with metal bells. This is a very good and effective feng shui cure for improving money luck.
Some wind chimes are made of hollow tubes whereas some are of solid metal. There are also wood wind chimes used to improve health luck and hung in the south area.
An very important point to remember when using wind chimes as cures is that always consider your personal tastes when selecting a piece. Listen to the sounds it makes, its size and its make; that is whether it is hollow, solid, made of metal, wood or ceramic!
I have seen people hanging wind chimes all over their house, which does not look good and also will create a nuisance with lots of noise! Also see the size of the wind chime and the place you have for displaying the same, and choose accordingly.
Hollow Metal Wind ChimeHappy chiming!

All the Best!  

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas. I could use the luck in money and I understand that I should buy a metal windchime and hang it in the northwest corner of the living room. I should also chose one that I like but got any advice on how to pick one when you can't hear it. I mean I am going to buy it online probably from LL Gifts and More so I can't hear them just see them and know they are made out of metal (does it mater what kind, aluminum, brass or is that just looks) Thanks for any advice.

  2. Thanks Tonnya for liking my blog! Yes thats tricky nowadays with online purchases. Yet choose one that has given description and the shapes you like.Yes of course a metal chime, a wood chime and a plastic one,each has different energy. You can choose options in selcting a wind chime by online sales and then , in case you are not comfortable with the sound they do have a money back policy.
    This one I have to learn ore on,, maybe buy some feng shui products online!
    Hope this helps!

  3. hi!i have this 5-hollow rod wind chime with elephant on it. i'm confuse on where to hang it on my new home office facing southwest. facing a parking space about 50m to gate facing a busy road.

  4. Hello Brenda, Elephants are great strength, family support and good luck symbols. You say its facing a busy road, and always too much yang energy brings in shar energy and may also attract poison arrows. Do try to hang this chime in pairs on both sides of the main door. Southwest try to have all things in pairs, otherwise it attracts lonely/alone energy. If northeast is available this will go great here. Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!


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