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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Placement Tips of Elephants as Infertility Cures in Feng Shui

Elephants have been used from ancient times for their symbolic value. Nowadays elephant figurines are available in many sizes, postures and materials. Some are walking, some sitting and some along with babies.
The jade elephants are most commonly used by feng shui consultants as cures for many problems. There are also elephants made from rose quartz which are made from transparent or translucent pinkish stone. Te most unique elephants available in many feng shui stores is the one which is having a baby inside the mother elephant, This is a rare elephant figurine and the most effective cure for couples trying to have a baby.
Elephants as Feng Shui Cures for Infertlity
Place this elephant sculpture near the bed of the couple who are trying to have a child. Keep the environment of your home as well as bedroom relaxing especially the bedroom must be decorated with symbols of happy families and fertility. One must avoid raging elephants as they will create negative energy and the couples will always be against each other.
There are many postures so select the bets figurine of elephant that you are comfortable with. The placement of these elephant figures will also some what depend upon individual preferences. Remember feng shui is about balance and harmony and even though your feng shui consultant offers to place these cures in certain places please see that you are comfortable with this arrangement.
Metal elephants can be placed on the west area or south west area of the bedroom to enhance relationship between the couple. The metal elephant will also give the desired strength to the relationship of the couple. Having placed a metal elephant figure near your sleeping space will improve your chances regarding fertility matters as elephants are considered symbols of fertility.
The couple if not comfortable with placing elephants near the bed can also go in for key chain having elephant figure. If they get the rare lucky elephant along with baby then viewing such a figure will also promote energy movement to fulfill their desire to have a baby. They can also place a figure of elephant in their cupboard or wardrobe where the couple frequently views the figure together to promote baby luck.
All the Best!  

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