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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feng Shui For Infertility

With advances in technology and the fast paced life more and more couples are suffering from infertility. Feng shui being a science of balance in nature there are simple effective measures to promote fertility. Though we cannot term them as cures they definitely will help along with other therapies that are used for infertility.
The bedroom is the most important place for love and consummation and this has to be very clean and appealing. By this we mean that symbolic things of romance and love must be a highlight of bedroom for any couple to maintain a good marital life. Keep into consideration the area of your bedroom and try to balance the elements here. For example in your bedroom the south wall keep red flowers to keep the sparkle of love in the room. One can also hang pictures of paintings of happy couples along with babies to promote baby luck and harmony
The best location for bedroom for couples facing infertility problems would be the west section of the house.  keep the bed that points towards the west section of the home. Since the element of the west is metal one can hang pictures having colours blue and pink. Paintings that are most commonly used as feng shui cures are of birds in nest along with babies, smiling baby, healthy baby, happy family pictures, animal paintings with babies. Having  a metal bed also is an important cure in Feng Shui. The head rest can be placed in such a manner that it faces west.
Another cure would be to use crystals and fancy lights in the south west area of your bedroom. One can have romantic lights with dimmers to activate the area of relationships. Some feng shui experts also suggest keeping five pomegranate fruits on four sides of the bed and one in centre, since pomegranate is associated with fertility from ancient times this fruit is used as cure for fertility. These fruits have to be removed when the couple are retiring at night.
Along with consultation of good infertility consultants the couple can use feng shui to facilitate the process and have a healthy and happy baby.
All the Best!  

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