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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mountain For Support in Feng Shui

Feng Shui and the mountain paintings and pictures have lots of importance. When the child or any individual does not have enough confidence and this is affecting their career and studies in a negative manner, Feng shui has a cure for this.
When you see that your child is lacking confidence to talk to others and very often is unsure of his decisions then it is clear that they lack confidence. Such children present themselves as calm and well adjusted but they are not capable of conversations alone and very often shy away from responsibilities. Their parents have to help them in home work, encourage them in projects and they avoid becoming monitors in the class. Thus it is seen that hey avoid any responsibility and also are ready to follow peers even when they are wrong.
Wisdom Educational Luck Feng shui Painting Rizwana Mundewadi
Confidence Reiki symbol painting Razarts
How to help such a child who is good but lacks confidence? one of the important cures, tried and tested, is the placement of mountain painting behind the back of the place where the child studies. The images of mountains give support to the child and they gain confidence and you will see improvement in their confidence levels. Search for best seating position of the child while studying and place the study table in that area according to feng shui.
Now the paintings of any mountains will do but avoid pictures having sharp cliffs and pointed shapes of mountains. The most preferred shape of the mountain in feng shui is the one that resembles the shape of the turtle. The smooth surface and tall mountains without any sharp edges or cliffs are the right paintings to choose for the display in your child’s study room. In fact the turtle shaped mountains with resemblance to humps are also good.
Place the painting of mountains on the door or where the child sits , behind his back. This will show improvement in his confidence levels and new energy will be seen in him. People will start praising him and he will get good friends and encouraging teachers who will in turn increase his self confidence and thus help him to prove academically as well as mentally.
All the Best from Rizwana!  

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