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Friday, July 29, 2011

Husband Very Often Stay Out/ Wife is constantly with Parents, What Feng Shui Has to Say

In many families we observe that the husband very often has to stay out due to reasons of job. There may also be another relationship creeping up with no peace and harmony in the house. Even sometimes the wife is not living for long time and very often visits mothers place.
Due to this there is no stability in the relationship. There can be seen many effects of this in the relationship among both husband and wife and also among other members of the family. This in turn affects the house as it may be in a mess. The other family members or the husband may be busy with job or else the wife is at her mother’s. This adversely affects the house and it seems like a hostel where the family members are living as paying guests , coming and going at own will.
One of the cures that can be that the family needs to talk about it and any relationship will prosper only when the members give it time. Whether it is the cleanliness of the house or the upbringing of children or matters of infertility in the couple, all rest with giving proper time in any relationship. According to Feng Shui all the elements of the house have to be balanced and especially the bedroom Feng Shui has to be paid more attention.
One of the reasons may be that there is a calendar hanging on or above the door. Take special care top avoid placing any calenders or clocks over or above the door, be it the main door or the bedroom door. Hanging calendars above the door gives constant pressure to viewers about the date and time going on in their life. This may affect adversely the thinking of the inmates and people under pressure may feel comfortable outside the house.
If you have no other place then hang them with some good picture of birds or flowers above it. One can use thread to hang the calendar and on the same nail cover it with another painting or picture of happy couple, birds or flowers. All that symbolizes fertility and happiness in family will immediately show how the relationships improve. Place some furniture of heavy weight in the centre of the house to keep the family stable and well grounded together.

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