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Friday, July 29, 2011

Increase Business Profits Drastically with Feng Shui

How can you increase your business profits drastically with using Feng Shui? 
Feng shui can show you miraculous increase in profits in any business.
Since the  principles of balancing the five elements are to be followed by Feng Shui one has to do a survey of what is place where in the house and office. When there are lost opportunities and losses in business many times one is forced to think about the other aspects of luck. Here Feng Shui helps to guide the individual to balance the five elements and leads to  good luck, prosperity and peace.
The main business nowadays comes from computers and you can see most of the offices and homes having computers and computer related work. When you observe them these individuals are cut off from conversations and engrossed with the internet and computers. 
The seating arrangement is of utmost important to improve money luck and get increased business. See that the individual working on computer is not facing the wall. Many times we see this arrangement and hence the individual is unaware of the person walking or coming from behind. This leads to feelings of insecurity and fear always about the future.
If there are many people working on computers the employer can prefer to have the computer cubicles that allow some interaction with other workers and not completely cut off from the other employees. 

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The Business owner or the employer has to pay attention to office Feng Shui and keep a green bamboo plant on the office table to encourage money luck. Always be with a smiling face and allow positive energy to move in the office and with everyone. This gives positive vibes to the new customer and people will feel happy to do business with you. Also when the employees are facing out they can interact with the customer even when they are working and this way you will not lose the new opportunities coming your way.
Try using Feng Shui for offices for improving your business and also if you work from home keep the area clean and all things must be organized to allow new opportunities and increase business profits.
All the Best!  

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