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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Earn Respect Using Feng Shui

Every individual craves for love and respect and it is a human emotion to be loved and cared for. There are many instances and examples of people, who have been very hard working, loving and caring but their emotions and care are not reciprocated. Let us use the help of feng shui to cure this problem faced by many people and let them lead a happy and successful life.
When we go through these people and their homes usually according to feng shui chart of elements and placements of the furniture  we come to see that the personal lucky area of these individuals is either cluttered or blocked. Think and go around your house and especially the area of your living room that is adjacent to the main door is very important for the owner of the house. Clear clutter first and most importantly the things which have not been used for more than five years are of no use and need to be either sold, shifted or cleared fort he home. Consider the other important area , that of helpful friends that is the north west. This area may be dirty, cluttered or even totally blocked.
In many cases people who have a bad name or do not get respect from other family member sand clients according to feng shui it is seen that the area of helpful friends and erning respect and love is blocked by a toilet or bathroom and sometimes this area may be totally missing in the house if there is a store room where all junk is accumulated or drying area in the house where dirty linen and drying of clothes.
 For solving such problems one can on priority basis clear the energy here by using incense and mopping with slat water. Try this for at least 21 days. Place a healthy bamboo plant in this area with good intentions of success in all relationships. Visualize a happy family and healthy clients and boss relationships. One can also hang a smiling picture of your employer or team of employers and employees in the north west corner and see the positive results in improved relationships.
All the Best!  

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