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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Remove Karmic Blocks or Bad Luck using Feng Shui

Bad luck and evil luck is one of the most important blocks in any individuals life that hampers their progress mentally, academically as well as financially. We can use simple cures in Feng Shui to ward off blocks created by evil and bad luck. Progress and harmony is seen when all the five elements are balanced in your life and any clutter will block energy in your life.
Remove all clutter and burn incense regularly to clear all negative energy. Exercise regularly to keep your mind and body fit. Try to work on your relationships and academic or job performances. In spite of all this you feel that you are facing bad luck and block in your progress then you can sue feng shui cures to ward off bad luck. Usually healers feel that progress is hampered due to karmic blocks and these are not easily cleared.
By karmic blocks I do not indicate that the individual involved is a bad or has done some big injustice in this or past life. it may be simple faults that have been carried into your next life. Try using feng shui cures and then allow positive energy to be welcome into your life. Try to make out some time alone and meditate on your life and your problems. Ask for forgiveness from your heart with all relationships and parents, friends , siblings, known and unknown people who may have been  a part of your life in this life and the previous one. Donate money, service and other forms of charity to clear off some of your bad luck. Wear a bracelet or locket of jade stone to accept yourself and be in the present and attract good luck. You can also wear or keep near you Rose quartz which helps in healing the past and present.
Hang a painting  of any religious symbol or motivational painting to help you clear off the negative energy surrounding you and your home or office.
The most easy and important cure in feng shui is to use sound. A tried and tested cure to improve luck and remove blocks in energy is by suing sounds at different levels. Many people use wind chimes of different rods to bring in good luck. Go in for a nine rod wind chime to help bring good health and positivity in your life. While selecting a wind chime do take care to listen to the sounds it makes and then purchase only that wind chime with which sound you are comfortable. There is no point in trying a feng shui cure and feeling restless with the noise, remember your wind chime must make soothing sounds which is not termed as noise but it is felt as music.
Place a good luck bamboo plant in your best position or lucky position in your home and office to improve your luck and as the plant will grow so will your life show improvements in relationships as well as financially.
Many healers suggest yoga and reiki for clearing off bad karmic blocks. You can use feng shui along with other therapies to improve your luck.
All the Best!  

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